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Thursday, July 18, 2013

For your viewing pleasure!

First, have to show the progress on my beaded cuff!  Didn't work on it last night but made good headway on Tuesday night.  I'm on row 70 of 230!  A ways to go and yes, for those 'eagle' eyes...I just noticed that I messed up and have the wrong bead in my triangle!  Grrrrrrrrrr  Since this 'bead mistake' will be in the back perhaps I'll be the only one to notice!  I might rip it out and replace...yea...that's what I'll have to do.  I think there's a way you crack the 'bad' bead and then stitch back through to replace it?  I'll have to look that up!

At our fiber meeting on Monday, I asked two of our ladies, Carol and LoisAnn, if I could post some of their watercolor work they do.  I'm always impressed with any painting or drawing since I can't do either!  So here for your "viewing pleasure" are some of the art work from my talented friends!

Carol was working on an online class called, Fantasy Journaling, by Diane Hollingsworth.  If you want to see  Diane's studio and some of her artwork, check out her YouTube here.  WOW!

Here are some pages from Carol's Fantasy journal.  I love the look of these pages and it's all done in watercolor!   Look closely at each of the elements in her pages.   Cool!

And these are just a few pages from Lois Ann's journal.  LA did these while sitting beach or ocean side! She just takes her watercolor paints with her and these are her results!  Amazing!

Hope you enjoy seeing some of my friend's work(s)!

Another warm one today.....looking forward to fall already!


  1. I like the contrast in your cuff. Oh the sinking feeling when you spot that mis-placed bead. I might not have noticed. So just keep moving when you wear it! I admire those who can sketch and paint.. nice journals.

  2. I buy all the art supplies but they just don't do what I want them to do. Drawing and painting are my worst subjects. Your new bracelet beadwork is very elegant in these champagne colors. will fix that bead or you will never wear this. Beading Bliss and Wonderful Weekend Dear...