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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beading again/still!

Well, heck...I have to have more than one project to work on at a addition to my Tiffany piece I have some beading to work on.

 I finished my 2nd cuff using Sand Fibers, (Carol Sharpe) pattern.  This was an even count peyote pattern called Dramatic Abstract Peyote.   I added a toggle made of beads instead of a regular closure.

The toggle closure was a little tricky as I had to follow the pattern while creating a hole in the cuff to slip the toggle into...also the little tag the toggle was attached to had to continue the pattern!  Talk about challenging my brain!  But I did it!!!  

I love Carol's patterns.  She offers both a word chart and graph for her patterns.  Check out some of her patterns and cuffs for sale in her Etsy shop here.

This is my 3rd pattern from Carol that I started on Sunday.  It's odd count peyote and called Verdant Enchantment Peyote.  You can see Carol's cuff & pattern here, which is beautiful in shades of greens.  I didn't have the same color beads so I used what I had on hand.

This is the first odd count peyote I've ever done...and I had a heck of a time teaching myself that so called "turn".  BUT...once again Carol came through and had a tutorial on her FB page.  She had pictures along with explanations of the turn which made it so easy for me to follow!  I did check YouTube and wasted so much time looking at videos and ripping out my beads before finding Carol's tips!

But now I've got it down pat and it's easy, easy!!!  I like the colors in this smaller cuff as I wear a lot of beige/gold.  Hopefully, my future pictures will show the colors better.

We're off  for carpet shopping today...not something either of us are looking forward to.  But our carpet is 17 1/2 years old!!  And really needs to be replaced.  It's held up well over the years and we've put this 'buy' off for the past year or two.  Finally going to bite the bullet!  But I might get a lunch or dinner out at the same time!  Might be worth the trip...maybe a margarita or glass of wine will be needed too - good excuse!


  1. Those are beautiful cuffs! Your bead work is superb. I have looked at the patterns at Sand Fibers before and love all the patterns. I haven't been beading much lately so will just enjoy seeing your work.

  2. Your beading is pure perfection. This cuff is Art Deco delight. The beaded toggle complete with pattern is beautiful. Blissful Beading Dear...

  3. Dramatic sums it up nicely. I love the blue with black/silver. Glad you explained the Verdant pattern.. my brain was looking for green. But I love the goldy/beige beads you chose to use.