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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An act of kindness from the kids!

About a month ago, my grand daughter, Amber, told me about a new app for our phone called Snip's an app that has discount coupons for a lot of different stores.  One Wednesday, the kids and I went shopping at Kroger's and Amber ended up getting FREE groceries!  That particular day she saved like $25 or $30 on groceries.  OK, that's pretty cool!  This grandma was impressed as was her mom.

So a few Wednesday's ago, Amber mentioned that she'd like to take some food to a Food Bank to help the needy.  I sent her some links on Food Banks close to her house and that was the end of it.  Tuesday night Amber called and asked if I'd take her to Kroger's to get groceries then we'd head to the food bank.
Well, little did I realize that she would get $60.18 of FREE groceries!!!  Yes, $60.18!!!  Check out the total on this receipt...see all those '-' signs!  And she got $4 in cash back!!!!  Is this a resourceful kid or what!!

So here's a pic of the kids shopping at Kroger for all the freebies'!

That's Amber on her phone looking at her 'list'.   She had all the free items listed on her note so she knew exactly what to purchase.

After Kroger's we headed to the Orion/Oxford Fish Food Bank in Oxford.  Here the kids are putting their FREE groceries on the shelves at the food bank.  I give Nick a lot of credit for giving up his Pop Tarts!   I explained how some kids probably haven't had a treat like Pop Tarts or the Kleeber cookies, they donated, in months and how happy some kids will be to get this treat!

I am really proud of both of the kids and I think it's a great lesson for them.  Now to find out how Amber gets all these FREE coupons for Kroger!!!  We'll have to start wearing a disguise when we go in the store!  Pretty soon they won't let us in to shop if we keep getting free stuff!  But it's been fun up to this point!  And a lesson in kindness for the kids!


  1. wow!!! That is fantastic! Can Amber be my personal shopper?? :)

  2. That's so great that she's thinking of others at her age.

  3. You must be soooo proud of her!!!

  4. Smart, resourceful, and generous towards others .. well done!

  5. Robbie how very proud you must be of your grandkids. This is the type of news that we should hear about each evening. The world would be a better place. Kudos to Amber! Blessings...