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Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a wonderful weekend!

Yes, it's been a wonderful weekend!! Earlier this week, Amber and I talked about her spending the night this weekend because her brother had his flag football championship (which, by the way they won!!! I'll have more on that after my son sends out info!). Well, my daughter suggested that the three of us get together on Sat. and have lunch and run some errands! Sounded good to me as I don't get much time to spend with my daughter. So we met around 10ish on Sat. and our first stop was to Starbucks for our 'treat'. I asked where our next stop was and Amber was a little evasive but my daughter said we had to stop at Target as Dawn and Darrin purchase items to send to our troops in Afghanistan. She wanted to get a priority box filled and mailed, which made sense to me.
When we pulled into the Target parking lot I noticed Amber brought with her a book and her coffee. I asked why the book and she said "oh, I like to read when I shop." hmmm Well, little did I know we were walking not to Target but to the manicure/pedicure shop! My daughter was treating the three of us to a pedicures!!! My first and last pedicure was the treat of my daughter which was several years ago. What a great surprise! We all got to sit next to one another while enjoying our pedicures!! THANK YOU, Dawn!!! And Amber for keeping such a wonderful surprise!
These are Amber's crackle toe and white...really cute!! We're sitting with our feet under dryers. Who knew...dryers for the toenails! Well, it worked! Yes, these are flip flops Amber has on her feet and she even brought her old grandma a pair too!! Wasn't that sweet!
So off the three of us went to Target for Dawn to pick up supplies for the troops! Yes, we are still in our flip flops!
Then it was off to lunch!! Yum...the restaurant is called Pei Wei (which is owned by PF Chang's). It was SO good and yes, I brought home my leftovers and my daughter's as well! Pei Wei is like a fast food PF Chang's.

Then off to Tradder Joe's for some meats and other groceries, then back to Dawn's house, picked up my car and Amber and I took off to our house for the weekend! Oh, Dawn also gave us home made applesauce she canned this fall along with her home made roasted tomato sauce! Double yum!!
When we got home, Amber fried up some chicken sausage and we added some of Dawn's home made sauce, cooked wheat pasta and made a salad. Great dinner!
Of course we had to give Gracie a treat! Amber loves when Grace eats whipped cream so guess what I had to buy this week! Here's Grace enjoying her whipped cream!

We had a nice night then up early to have breakfast, play with Kalee and Amber helped me make Sweet and Sour meatballs (sound weird but they are really good!). Then we went downstairs to get out my Christmas decorations. Yes, my tree is up (Amber took the picture) with Amber's assistance and some decorating is also done for Christmas. I'm hosting our Complex Cloth fiber group Christmas party this coming Sat. so I like to have the tree up for them...and the kids are coming up from Indy for Thanksgiving so they can start to get in the spirit as well!
This is Kalee while Amber and I were decorating the tree...she still doesn't know about the tree nor is she allowed to roam in our family room downstairs yet!

Oh in between everything, Amber and I would be taking Kalee outside and also letting our neighbors dogs out (Miss Lori was having surgery). We also walked Kalee and Cody together which was good for Kalee. Later this afternoon, Amber was getting bored so we made molasses cookies! After our great dinner, I met Auntie around 5:30 this afternoon and she took Amber home with her to wait for the kids to return from the football game. Auntie lives just a street down from her brother so they don't have far to go. In fact, on Sat. Amber walked over to Aunties carrying her suitcase! The neighbors though she was running away from home!
I'm pooped now but I wouldn't have traded this weekend for anything!!!! Just a great time!!!! And one I'm going to remember for a long time....and if I forget, I have my blog to jar my memory!!
Thanks, Dawn and Amber once again!!!! I love you both so much!!!


  1. Your weekend was beyond full! You got a ton done. What fun. The tree looks great and I'm sure your group will be delighted that you've done your decorating.

  2. Ouch.....good thing you had a great weekend....cause your Lions didn't. Those darn Bears!!

    I'm on the road teaching and will have to watch the Packer game in my hotel room on a less than desirable size TV w/o HD!!! Yikes...