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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Octopus Sketchbook

We were being shown by Hilary how to make a collage using our painted/stamped/dyed deli/lightweight papers.  I had ordered this  Octopus sketchbook about a month ago and thought this would be a perfect place for me to collage some of my papers!  You have four panels on each section to use for drawing, collage work, painting, etc. 

This leaf was printed recently on deli paper and the background was a blotted piece of deli paper.  If you look really close, you'll see a pale/white bird I collaged down (top area).

These deli paper leaves were a 'blotting' from one of my mono prints.  The yellow pieces collaged under them was a leftover 'blot' from some other print.

A larger leaf blot and several different pieces of deli papers collaged onto the page.

These leaves I cut out of a stencil piece of lightweight paper I did this past winter.  The yellow/orange leaves were from another deli blotted piece.

This is the cover of the book, which I'll have to do something to enhance it.  Perhaps some zentangles in white pen! 

It was fun to layer pieces of the papers into a collage.  I have lots of leaf prints and think this book will be filled quickly...after I order more matt medium...I ran out on the 4th page.  So I best get busy and get an order in!!!


  1. I love this idea...where do you get an "Octopus" book....?

  2. A great journal! Isn't deli paper endlessly fascinating? Love those prints. And zentangle on the cover would look great.


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