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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Nemo is going fishing!

Woohoo!  Nemo is finished!!! 

 I'm happy with how the string art inspired me to create this piece!  The background is a deconstructed screen print I did last winter.  Not sure what I'll do with it!  But what else is new!  For those new to my blog, you can see where I started creating 'Nemo' and the progress when I was trying to decide what fish to use!

I added yarn edging and faced the quilt, which measures 12 1/2" x 18".   Also, sequins and beads were added for each eye of the fish.  If you look at my previous post for Nemo, you'll see where I changed the thread painted fish and made a new blue fish and a second orange fish to cover him up!  I wasn't happy with the thread fish!  This looks so much better.   I think one of my blog readers left a comment and said to "flush" that fish!  HA  Good suggestion!

Isn't he cute!!  I used a black seed bead for his eye with a dark blue sequin.  

Not sure which fish is Nemo!  But I think they're happy in their new home!!

I really enjoyed playing with the string art but the hard part was deciding which fish to, orange, one or both, etc.  Thanks to all my blog readers who gave suggestions to help me decide which fish or how many to use!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

New Table Runner

Yes, I have other projects to work on but in between those I made a table runner!  We bought a new high top dining table last fall and most of my table toppers are too small.  I posted this topper I made a month ago, which looked ok...
Angela Walters, Quilting is My Therapy, had a quilt along this past winter where she provided a block pattern for folks to put together in a full size quilt.  I actually thought of the table runner idea and made 3 of the blocks but never got past that step.

So a week or so ago, with no computer to research or kill time on, I pieced the blocks and added the border.  I think my bud, Susan, will recognize the border fabric!   Susan was with me when I bought 1/2 yard in black and another 1/2 yard in blue at our favorite quilt shop in Trenton, Florida.  I used both fabrics to make wine cozy's for friends

The size turned out perfect for the dining table and looks good in the dining room.  We are still looking at replacing the hanging light, which is currently green!  Not sure why we ever picked that color but it will be changed sometime!

The table is slate and wood so gray worked perfectly.

I quilted diagonally in the border, which I think looked best with the blocks.  You can't see the quilting except for the blocks anyway.   I liked the geometric look. 

Angela has lots of quilting tutorials on her site and I think she has another quilt along going on!  Be sure to check it out.  See, I have been doing some work while on my hiatus!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Did you miss me???

No, I didn't drop off the face of the earth!  I'm still here!!!  Had major computer issues and had to purchase a new one!  UGH!  Fortunately, I keep most of my files on OneDrive and by using Google and Microsoft my computer is almost all caught up!  Whew! So, I'll be back to my normal life's story or art work!  HA

I do have one bit of good news!  I won Lynn Kraczyk's (Smudged Design Studio) newest book, Hand Stitched Surface!  

Lynn had a hand stitching tip + trick blog hop last week. Some really good tips from five different artists as well as Lynn!  And the plus side she also had a give a way and I won!   

I commented on a tip/post by Ana Sumner on securing your thread on the needle!  You know how the 'end' always slips out and you end up threading your needle more than you sew!  Well, check out Ana's post here!  What a great tip and it works!  And while you are on Ana's post, check out some of her other posts and her gallery of work!  She also has some great video's for silk ribbon work!  

Thanks for the tip, Ana!  And for picking me as a winner!  Made my week that's for sure!!!  Now to get back to that new computer and tell it what it needs to do!  HA

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Whta to do with it all!!

Last week I decided to clean out my quilt case where I have quilt made over the years.  Keep in mind there are LOTS more that I've made for family and friends that aren't here!  I have a photo book of those!  HA Anyway, what do we do with all of these quilts!  What should we do with all of these quilts!  What do you or have you done with your quilts or don't you have this problem!

Sure, they make a good floor blanket for the dogs!

So, I decided  whether a quilt would make a good hum bug bag, snap bag or cut up for fiber card or other use!  So this is one pile!  Some will make nice bags and and fiber cards.

Next, I gathered all my quilts I made using Tyvek.  I am considering submitting another article to QA magazine on using Tyvek in quilts.   Now I need to decide where to stash these!

I only have a few in progress....

But I have all of these hanging on the walls throughout the house!  And I didn't even take a picture of the table toppers or quilts on the backs of chairs or couches!  Yikes!

Oh, I forgot about these!  They hold my fiber cards, 8"x10" quilts I made for the Bead Journal Project as well as our CCC art group.  We would produce a new piece each month.   I keep all of them in folders.

I didn't take a picture of my quilt case before I removed and created the different 'piles' for the quilts.  Now I just need to find a spot to put the 'quilts to cut up' and 'tyvek' quilts!  And then where to put all these quilts on the walls!  HA

I rolled several quilts together so it looks like there are only a few quilts in here.  HA  Don't I wish!  Also, see the NatGeo lady I did several years ago...she's on the bottom right...I thought it look eerie so.............I moved her to the back!  HA

The quilt case doesn't look so scary now!  HA
So let me ask you, my readers....what should we do with all of our quilts!  I've given several to our local library, where they all still hang to this day.  But really.....maybe I need to stop making quilts.  I did bring this up at our last art group meeting.  Why am I still making art quilts?  It does keep me from sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching soap operas (there is nothing wrong with that if you do....I'm just not a TV person during the day).  But really, I can't give any more away....and some just won't cut up well for making something out of them.   I also want to remove some from the never see them hanging on those make over shows!

Well, I better stop writing this post and get busy working on a quilt!!  HA

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Look what I won!!!

Yep!  I won a copy of Simply Moderne magazine!

Margarita Korioth had a give away on her blog for the magazine, Simply Moderne and I commented and won this issue!  How cool is that!  To be honest, I have never seen this magazine so I was really excited to win it.  Margarita has an article with instructions  (six whole pages!) for Sun-Less printing in this issue, in the project section.

And this is the finished quilt Margarita made from her technique and  which she shows in the article.  I  loved the blue/fern pattern!!! 

I've followed Margarita Korioth's blog for quite sometime now...and not because she has the perfect first name!  Figured I'd say something about that before my blog readers do! HA

Anyway, Margarita is a mixed media quilter!  You have to check out her blog for the art work/quilts she creates using newspaper, magazine pages, etc.!  They are so cool!

Recently I ordered a digital copy of the April/May 2018 Quilting Arts magazine just to read her article on using papers in a quilt.  I've ordered and received the mixed media craft paper she references in that article but won't start on the technique until I finish Nemo!!

This is a  picture of the quilt in the QA magazine article that Margarita created.     Look at those birds and her amazing quilting.  Her quilts are always so happy or cheerful!!!!   Margarita shows her work in progress as  well as completed works on her blog.  I really enjoy see her quilts in progress!!!

Here are some other pages from my 'win' magazine to peak your interest!  It really is a nice, well laid out magazine.  This was an article on Quiltcon in Pasadena.  Lots of quilt photo's for inspiration! 

Check out this quilt by Stephanie Skardal, Clemmons, North Carolina.  I love this!!!

This was another quilt that that is so unique by Julie Haddrick, Adelaide, South this

And lots of projects in this issue as well!  That was really a surprise to me. 

This was a quilt I thought looked like it would be fun to  make!

This was really an interesting project!
I've read and reread my magazine several times and I'm taking it with me on Monday to our fiber art meeting to show the ladies.  I did find the Simply Moderne  magazine on Amazon - go figure!  Lots of back issues to order.  Guess I better put the magazine down and get back to my fish!!! 

Make sure you stop over and see Margarita's work/blog and sign up to receive her posts via email!  You'll be amazed at her workmanship and inspired by her finished work!  You don't want to miss out seeing any  of her current work! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th from Gigi and Kalee!!
Hope it is a fun and safe holiday for all!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Leaf Table Topper

I showed this piece a few weeks ago when I was thinking of using it for  the background for the string art pieces.   This was a sun printed piece I did a long time ago at QSDS in Ohio (2009!) and measures around 15" x 20".

 Well, since I'm working on "nemo" and using a different background...figured I should finish it off and make it into a table topper!  So I did that!  Color looks pale here when, in fact, it is closer to the picture above.  But you still get the idea, right!

I didn't do a good job of taking the picture!  Guess I missed an edge!  Oops!

Yes, the bowl covers a lot of it but I love this bowl!  It was hand made by an artist in Florida.

In addition to adding the facing, I also stitched some yarn for the binding edge.  Just gave it a little something rather than a real binding!

I'm happy with how it turned out and it does look nice on the table.  Now to get back to those darn fish!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 1, 2018

I wrote this post last year....I still miss my friend and think of her EVERY day!

Good bye my friend..

This post is really more for me than my readers....I have lost a beautiful friend's smile but heaven has gained that smile!  My bud, Sally, passed early on July 1st from cancer.  She had just turned 65 and was excited that Medicare would now take care of her medical bills!  Yep, that was Sally!  Her smile was contagious and as she told me about a month ago, "I will put on a smile for everyone else".  That was Sally.
 Bob and I met Sally and her husband, Dan, the winter of 2015 and it was like we had been friends all our life.  Hard to find both spouses that you like, isn't it!  This was back in 2015 one night when Sally and Dan joined us for dinner!  We enjoyed our time with both of them and went to dinner often these past two years....Sally would have a margarita or two!!  See why I was so crazy about this lady!  And see that smile!!!

Sally and I bonded quickly...sharing stories of our life, loves and dislikes!  HA  I would send her a message in the morning asking if she wanted to "ride shotgun" with me!  And 99% of the time she would!  Even days that her cancer made her feel so sick, she would still toot around with me.

This was taken this past April...I surprised Sally with a shampoo and haircut for her birthday!

She looked so cute and she loved her haircut.  She did lose her hair with the 1st set of chemo but it grew back...hence the hair cut.  With this last chemo, she never did lose her hair...

Of course, we had to get a treat when we went anywhere!  Just what we did!!!  And one of our favorite treats was.....KEY LIME PIE!

Sally was a great wife, mom and she is with her hubby, Dan, grand daughter Alexis, SIL Tom and daughter, Kristen.

Tell me that isn't the greatest smile every!  And check out Kristen's smile...just like her mom!!!

And a special grandma to all her grand children.  This is Alexis, Kristen and Tom's daughter.  They moved to Florida last year and so glad they did.  Kristen was able to be with her mom a lot this past year and I know that meant so much to Sally and Dan.

Sally brought her coloring books over one day but never did color...Gigi took up all her time...interesting...this was the last day that I worked on my blue squirrel....Sally called up and "said since you are beading, I'll bring over my books to color!"

I did start beading again today (Sunday).....and my thoughts were about Sally......hence, this post........

Sally's sense of humor was great too....her sister had knitted this 'purse' for her but when Sally opened the package she thought it was a hat!  She said to me "I thought it sure is a hot hat for Florida!"...yes, she did figure it out at home but was so funny and allowed me to take a picture of her with it on her head!!!

Several of us planned a surprise BD party for Sally this winter!!!  It was held at her daughter's/SIL's restaurant and was so much fun.  You can see my post on that day here.  I am so glad we surprised her and she was surprised!!!  Although, I started to feel bad about lying to Sally so much!  Between giving her a lie to get her to go with me to the beauty shop for her 'hair' day and lying about getting her to the party.....I told her she wouldn't believe anything I said anymore...she told me I was a "good liar'!  HA

Some days we both didn't feel so hot but often said "so glad I came out today...I feel so much better"...yes, that is what friends do for each other.  Sally did it for me as much as I tried to do it for her!

And friends.......

This was taken at Pickin by the Pool this winter.  Dan plays in a band with Karah's hubby, Howard and others.

Sally, Marilyn and I enjoyed a girls day out with shopping and lunch, of course...

We all had similar outfits on and had to take a picture!!!  This was a good day for Sally...she wore Marilyn and I out!!

My friend, Peggy, and I took Sally to Shalom Park this past winter.  It's such a beautiful and peaceful botanical garden area.

We did tire Sally out so she ended up sitting eating a treat and reading while Peggy and I walked around the lake area in the park.  But I know she enjoyed the day!

This was Sally as we walked around the gardens....

My heart breaks for Dan and their family but I'm selfish enough to feel that heart break as well.  I will miss my friend so much....she became my staple in Florida and my 'go to gal'.
You will ride shotgun with me again my friend....and until then you'll always be in my thoughts and heart.