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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Another Hex Project

Seriously?  Yes, another hex project...I love hex's (as my readers know!) and with football season upon us it's the best project to have on hand while watching football!  Which I love!!

I bought this fabric this past winter in Florida on an outing with my bud, Susan!  I thought it was so pretty with the movement of the color.  

So what else to do with this but cut it up and sew it back together again!!  I also found some batik fabric that should match.  Not sure what I'm going to do but it will be the same technique I used for my horse hex pieces.

I started sewing some hex's this past weekend while watching the Lion's play...after I finished painting all the remaining spindles!  We're almost ready to start painting the deck once Bob finishes replacing some more boards.  I should be able to start painting the top deck at least!  Floor will be last, obviously!  

My own carpenter!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Acrylic Skin

Well, this post heading sounds weird I know...but....I was watching Laura Kemshall's video on making acrylic skin to use in her art work.  I thought I'd give it a go!

I won't explain the entire I've said before, you can join DesignMattersTV yourself to see their videos and learn from Laura and her mom, Linda.  It's not cheap for a year subscription but I don't get any monthly magazines so this is my 'luxury' art item.

This was a quilt I dye painted (based on Hollis Chatlain's technique) quite awhile ago!

I still had the tracing of her face that I made to see where I wanted the quilting to be for her face.

So this is what I used for my first 'skin'.  You trace onto your substrate and then....

Apply a medium, which creates the skin.  Yes, there are steps here but you'll have to watch the video!  I haven't done anything with this 'skin' yet!

Next I wrote some text and created the 'skin'

I had this hard canvas piece with some zentangles on it so figured I would apply the skin this, just for fun!
I cut out a small part of the lettering and applied to the canvas.  And this was the end result.  I did apply some yellow watercolor to this piece but haven't taken a picture of it yet.

So what else could I make with this technique!  Leaves of course!  I had some paper leaves I traced and made the 'skin'.

I had this small hard canvas piece I made back in 2010...think it was for a challenge in our CCC group.  It was a poem printed on a piece of silk organza then applied to the stencil painted canvas.

And finished piece with one of the leaf skins!

So, is this something I'll use in the future?  Not sure...I don't do paintings on canvas and the only have one sketchbook I keep of the stamps I make.  But it was fun and always good to keep ourselves trying new techniques!

Funny, but when I went to type in the label for this post, acrylic skin, it popped up!  Hmmmmmm  So I did a search on my blog and what do you know!  I played with a similar technique back in 2009!  You can read that post here.  No wonder I didn't remember!  2009!!!  I don't remember yesterday!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The birds are coming!

I'm working on another project and decided I wanted a bird in my piece.  A few years ago, I beaded a pattern, Western Tanager, by Helene Knott that was in the American Quilter, March 2011 magazine.  Here's the finished beaded piece.

In that article Helene had two other bird patterns, which I also beaded and they are all framed and hang in the house.  I like this first bird and thought I'd use that same pattern to create another bird but this time in fabric.

So here is what I'm playing around with!  I'm sure which ever bird I end up using, the remaining orphans  will find a home somewhere!!  At least I hope so!

First up is a discharge on black fabric using Jacquard Discharge Paste.  I think with addition of thread this might work.  That's a piece of freezer paper for his eye!

Bird 1 - Discharge
Second, I had a stencil piece of scrap fabric from another project.  It's actually leaf prints which didn't show up that well, hence, the piece became a scrap.  But I liked the faint leaf on one of the areas of the fabric and thought it look like a feather!

Bird a

Doesn't it look like feathers on his belly!  The colored areas are ultra suede.
Bird b

I changed two feather areas to be the same shade of suede on the bird on the right.

Third, I had a piece of rusted fabric that I traced the bird on.  My bud, Carol, suggested at our fiber meeting this week to use leather or suede, hence, why I using the suede. I do like the look but not sure I'd use it throughout the birds body or just in some areas.

Bird 3 a

Bird 3 b

I just changed the tail feather to a brown suede on this one (right).

So those are my birds.  I'm thinking I need to start my background fabric and that should help me decide which bird to go with.  Right now my background is browns/blues/turquoise.  At least that's what I'm thinking today!  But we know that can change in a heart beat!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Cranbrook Art Museum - Part 2

More pictures from the Alexander Girard exhibit.  Very interesting exhibit and man!  He certainly was a collector of so many different art forms, in addition to creating his own art designs.

This is a painting on tracing paper...he did this quite often.

Some of his stamp collection

What I wouldn't give for these stamps!

Pieces on top of tracing paper

Another paper cutting - at least a 12" circle - look at the detail!

Some of Girard's folk art collection

His Day of the Dead collection

I just liked these!

Some of his writings...kinda interesting if you read some of it! I'm printing this one out.

I'm so glad Carol suggested we go...she knows I'm not big on traveling long distances so it worked out for this exhibit!  I just drove to her house and she drove to the exhibit, which was only 16 miles from her house!   Thanks, Carol!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Cranbrook Art Museum Part 1

My bud, Carol, and I went to the Cranbrook Art Museum to see the Alexander Girard exhibit.  Mr. Girard was one of the most influential designers of the twentieth century.  You can go to the link above and read more about Mr. Girard.  I'll just show some of the work that I enjoyed but too many pictures so there will be a part 1 and part 2!  

I loved this piece - my favorite.  It appeared to be wrapped on canvas.

This fabric was also printed in green.  

Nips and all!

These were beautiful sheer fabrics.  Love the pattern.

More designs, again printed on fabric

This was a paper cutting which was wonderful!!

He accumulated a lot of folk art and also created folk artwork

These were painted on wood

Of course, there's always food involved, right!  We started off with Opa Flaming Saganaki!!!  Delicious!!!

I ordered their Mediterranean Salad and it was fantastic!  I only ate 1/4 of it and Bob and I each had salad for dinner and I still have a bowl of salad left for another meal!!!  Their Asian Dressing was the best!

Carol had a Chicken Challah Club sandwich.  She only ate half and said it was very good too!

No, we didn't have dessert...unless you count a glass of wine!  More pictures tomorrow...but no more food pictures!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Yep...I'm still here!

I know it's been awhile since I posted but I have been working on projects...I just can't show what I'm doing!   I beaded Mr. Blue's feet on Saturday and started on the binding for my 12"x12" challenge squares that are due in September.  I also played with some stencils last week, which was fun and I can show those!    I used commercial fat quarters pieces I found to paint.  I have some ideas for these but will show those later.

I used and Indigo fabric paint on these and Golden Fluid acrylic brown(s) below.

This week will be what else is new!  Today, I'm headed off to have lunch with my friend, Joan, then we're going to the movies to see 'Dunkirk'!   I'm not big on war movies but poor Joan has sat through some of my strange movies I like, so it's her turn to pick!  I hear the movie is good...I just don't like sad parts in movies.
I'm more of a mystery or horror movie kind of gal!  In fact, my DIL Kris and grandson, Nick, are planning to go see 'Annabelle2'!!  How's that for a horror movie.  I think it comes out August 11th or around that time.  Now to try and work around their schedule...between work, football and entertaining we may have to get it on Red Box to watch!  HA

Wednesday is time with kids and Friday I'm headed to Cranbrook Art Museum with my bud, Carol, to see the exhibit of Alexander Girard - a designer who headed up the textile and fabric division of Herman Miller in Zeeland, Michigan.  You can go to the link and see some of his work.  Of course, Carol and I will have lunch and talk...lots...that's what we do best!  It's hard to be me and be so busy!  But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Happy 18th BD, Amber!

That's my girl!!!  I still can't believe  she is 18....but Amber is turning into a wonderful young lady!

 She had her BD family celebration this past weekend.  Kris , Amber's mom,  had their dining room table set up with Amber's favorite items, Starbucks!  The entire table was full of coffee, Starbucks cups, a bedazzled sweatshirt from Starbucks....on and on!

Check out the sweatshirt!!!  How cool is that....

I thought this was so clever!!!   Great job by Kris for sure!!!

Of course, it's not fitting unless you have dessert!  And those were also on the table!  Kris had Starbucks cup holders around the cupcakes!  How clever is that!!

Kris always outdoes herself in making birthday's special!

Amber received this beautiful bracelet from her other grandma.

 And I think she enjoyed her money pad and balloons

Kris brought out a cupcake with a candle in it!  She did think about placing 18 candles in it but decided against it!  HA

  Of course, Kris and Darrin outdid themselves as usual with a fantastic meal.  I'm also so anxious to start eating  I forget to take a pic of the fabulous food!  Darrin smoked chicken wings, sweet bacon strips and pulled pork (along with his home made BBQ sauce, which is delicious!!).  Kris made tomato/balsamic salad, cheesy potatoes, corn on the cob,  large fruit and veggie bowls, taco salad, cornbread....yum, yum, yum!!!

What a wonderful day celebrating with family and see this next milestone in Amber's life!!!  So glad we can be part of her life!!