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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Old Beading

I'm currently working on creating four 12"x12" squares for Tommy's annual exchange challenge. They aren't due until September but I have another project due that same time frame so.......because I can't show my current project and Mr. Blue hasn't been touched in over a week, I thought I'd share some 8 1/2" x 11" beaded pieces I created for the Bead Journal Project back in 2010.  We had to create a beaded piece monthly....I think I was involved in this project for about 3 years. Hope you enjoy seeing some of my beading from 7 years ago!













The Inside Stori said...

WOW, WOW, WOW….. Robbie these are excellent. Makes me want to run for my beading supplies!!!

Roberta Warshaw said...

Oh gosh! I forgot about that! That is where we met! We have been blogger friends for a long time now! I loved all your gorgeous beadwork. I recently gave all my beads away to a beading friend since I don't bead any more.

Cyndi L said...

I remember your pieces from that year!! I think that was how we met <3

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

I too must get started. These are awesome. Your are the best at beading.
No wonder you have a sore wrist. Looking forward to the exchange.

Windy Hill Happenings said...

Robbie, these are fantastic...I loved the way you themed each one to a month...especially love the pine bough and July's flowers (dahlias ?)....such beautiful work.You and Mary are such kindred spirits.

Nancy said...

Beautiful! I remember many of these from your wonderful journal you showed at the Ocala guild (and I got to keep and peruse before your presentation).

Margaret Ball said...

Those are beautiful! How did you have the energy to do anything else while creating those exquisitely detailed pieces?

Createology said...

I always enjoy your beadwork. These monthly themed pieces are amazing. That was complete dedication for so long. Beaded Bliss <3