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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Less is More...but wait!

Yes, "less is more" but in some cases not so.  I posted on using the discharge paste on my table runner...results were ok...I was kinda satisfied but wanted "more"!  HA  This is what I had discharged the first day.

I didn't like the stripes being so rigid...So I used a wide paint brush and applied more discharge paste!    Looks much better not being so rigid!

Once again the color isn't showing up that great...but I do like much better!

Now I am happy!  I really like adding more of the paste and discharging more color on the runner.  Now I guess nothing is safe in my quilt box!  HA


The Inside Stori said...

Yes……more was better!!!

Createology said...

Well who knew more is better?! Your runner is gorgeous dear. <3

Gayle from MI said...

Did Bob notice it yet?

Windy Hill Happenings said...

A great finished piece...Any table would be proud to display that !!!