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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Yep...more food...

I already posted on Wednesdays outing (Sally's surprise BD!) so to round out the week...Thursday we ate at Chefs of Napoli in Ocala with the gang!  Really good food and generous portions.  We just need to remember to arrive before 5:00 p.m. for happy hour!  Hey, seniors need to save their $$'s, right!

 The bread and dipping oil were fantastic!  The best around...hence, I just had their house salad with grilled chicken.  Don't ask how much bread I ate!  That's why I had the salad!  Delicious house dressing too!  Bob had one of their specials and only ate 1/2!  Woo hoo!  So we had leftovers on Saturday, which I love!

And they had music at your table!  What a fun place!

Next up, Marilyn and John invited Sally, Dan, Larry, Jan and Bob and I to dinner on Friday!
Marilyn, Jan, Me and Sally!

 Marilyn always sets a table so pretty!!

Jan brought these for Marilyn...Jan is so good at arranging flowers!!! Aren't they lovely!

I made my stuffed jalapeno appetizers and Jan made garlic olives and a cheese spread (that was really good!!)

Of course the guys talked golf and were on their phone looking up stuff!  Yes, Bob that is you!

I made two lemon pies...actually, I owed John some pies.  Long story that I won't share here!  Has to do with FB and spellcheck!  HA

All in all we had a great night!  Or I should say another great night of friends and food!

And last night, Wednesday, Bob and I had 'date night' at our favorite Mexican restaurant!  Yep, the 99 cent margaritas were calling...we had several errands to run and just happened to end up at El Toreo's!
The beat part was we ate out on the patio! That was a first for us in over 13 years of coming to Florida!  The weather was in the 80's but a nice breeze (not the wind we've had lately) so it was very pleasant and food was really good.  OK, the margaritas were the best! So until next year......God willing!


  1. I enjoy your food posts….yet it’s making me hungry before 7:00 AM!

  2. I really enjoy all your cavorting and fun you have with friends and food. Thirteen years is quite a record. <3

  3. You have so much fun down there! I always get hungry when I read your food posts, and those lemon pies look awesome.

  4. Oh how I love home made Lemon Meringue Pie ...brings back such memories...