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Monday, April 24, 2017

Family day at Cedar Key

A week ago, Bob and I headed out to Cedar Key with the girls!  The weather was the 80's with a mild breeze and beautiful clear sky.  Cedar Key is over an hour from us but girls travel well and were ready to walk when we arrived!  After parking the car, we walked up to the pier where a lot of folks were fishing.

The birds were diving in the water to gather the leftovers!
 Bob took this picture of a pelican resting!

Of course, the girls took cover under the bench to take advantage of the shade!  I did bring water and a bowl for them...I'm a good mom!  HA

Gigi resting!
Kalee wishing she were home!

Next we walked up and down the town looking for one of two restaurants that allowed dogs in their patio area.  The decision was made for us as one of the two restaurants were closed!  We ended up at the Big Deck Raw Bar and sat by the window/water.  And this was our view!

 It was perfect. Bob had a blackened grouper sandwich and I had a crab cake sandwich.
Both were really good.

Gigi asking for some crab cake!  She got kibble instead!

Why of course you are going to see more pictures of our girls!  It's why we went to Cedar Key!  For them!  HA...well, that's what Bob said.  I told him honestly they didn't care.  It just made him feel good that he took the girls for a day trip!  HA

They were really good while we ate!

Next up we had to stop for ice cream!!  I had chocolate with peanut butter, which was a first for me.  I don't usually care for 'things' in my ice cream but this was delicious!  Girls were given a taste of Bob's, which was vanilla.  They can't have chocolate!  Besides I didn't want to share!  HA

We had such a nice afternoon!   Girls even got in a golf cart ride when we got home!  How lucky are we!  Now off to pack and clean...did I say I was lucky!  HA


  1. Your day was one to envy even before you got the ice cream……BTW - chocolate/peanut better is my personal favorite…..can’t even have it in the house as I’d probably devour the entire carton in one sitting….no matter what size!

  2. My husband and I used to visit Cedar key often. We loved it there. It reminded me of an more laid back Key West. Biking there is especially fun!

  3. What a perfect day! We were just in Cedar Key on Sunday. We take our bikes and ride around the town. Next time, maybe you could rent one of the golf carts and drive the girls out to the history museum about 2 miles out of town. Very interesting place and the girls would like the ride! Quiet town, but lots to do. Did you get to the quilt shop there? Fun day and nice way to wind things down.

  4. Days like this are the time together exploring and savoring our great places of beauty. I LOVE ice cream...even flavors that aren't my favorites! Lovely Day Dear! <3