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Monday, April 10, 2017

Baby got some new wheels!

Bob has been trying to decide about getting a new golf cart or having his old one revamped!  Bob bought the old one about 12 years ago and it's been good to us!  But,  I did try to talk him into getting a new one and he did so a few weeks ago.  Here is our newest wheels!

Yep...we have our names on the cart!  He is also looking for dog decals too!

The seat is really comfy and I love the colors Bob picked.  He did a good job!

Bob put the Michigan decal on both sides.

For rainy days or cold/windy days you can put the sides down and it's great!

The cart is really nice and the dogs also love it!!!  We have always taken the dogs (starting with Mandy) on a golf cart ride nightly while in Florida and they all have loved it.   Some folks in the community, who don't golf, still have a golf cart just to take their dogs for rides!

 The nice thing about this one is the back area...that is now Gigi's favorite spot.  I still have her leash on but she sits on a blanket in the crate and is quite content.

We ride around for at least 20 minutes each night and some nights longer than that!  It really is fun as the community is quite large so we just drive up and down the streets!   Along with all the other folks!

I really am happy Bob got his new cart!  Now to get him to  leave it in 19 days when we head back up north!   It's going to be hard for him to leave his cart!!  But he'll have something to look forward to next year...if God willing and we can come back!


  1. You sure do know how to retire in style!

  2. Nice! They are so handy- and dogs do love them. Your two look right at home.

  3. Fun. Terry's dad used to drive his to see the kids (we all live in the same neighborhood). We talk about getting one, but Terry thinks now that his dad is gone he wouldn't need it. Maybe I should mention dog rides! We take the dogs in the car everyday and he is always complaining about dog hair in the back seat.
    xx, Carol

  4. Your 2 little cuties always steal the show without even realizing it...

  5. Now this is a swanky ride. How fun to cruise the community each evening. Happy carting dear...<3