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Sunday, May 21, 2017

This program has been temporarily interrupted...

OK, I know I need to finish my 'eyes' quilt, as it's due May 31th...but I just couldn't resist playing with Linda Kemshall's latest video on using up your scraps!!!

Yesterday I worked on making the strips (after I came home from a great lunch & margarita with my bud, Carol T.!).

I made 3 sets of strips.

And two of the six sets/blocks I made from the strips! If you want to know how to make these, you'll need to sign up for DesignMattersTV!  I don't get any magazines and put all my $$'s to this online resource.  It's not cheap but well worth it in my don't ask how these are made!  HA  Go sign up!!!

So many different layouts are possible....

This is how I used the blocks.  And the leftover strips I put in between each block.  To be honest...I almost cut the block apart so I could stitch together again!!!  But I didn't...but I do have 3 other blocks left over to do something else with!...hmmmmmmm

This will end up being another table runner.  I know..I need another table runner like a hole in the head!  But, it's fun to be able to change them out frequently!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Creating Background Fabric - Day 2

Day 2 - I'm not showing the before and after pics...just too many pics to upload and I'm lazy today!  So here are the results of fabrics I stamped or did rubbings with Neocolor 1 pastels or oil pastels (cheap brand not the Shiva - only 1 piece used Shiva) which I showed in my  last post.  These were each brushed with a dye solution of blue, green and brown.

This should be the last pic because it's not very pretty!  I painted with all of the leftover dye....the stamp was red textile paint on one of my foam/cardboard stamp.

The top piece was stamped with Shiva oil pastel in white.  The only piece I used a Shiva pastel on.  Then I brushed on blue dye.

The bottom was a rubbing using Neocolor 1 pastels and painted with green dye.

Another piece with rubbings using Neocolor 1 pastels.  Blue dye...duh!

Just a closeup of the rubbing

I don't think I painted over this with green dye...seems to me I just used green textile paint to stamp....again and again!  HA

Ditto with this piece.  Fossil Fern background fabric that was stamped with green textile paint.

Red stamping then brushed with blue dye.

Another Neocolor rubbing and brushed with blue dye.

This was a deconstructed screen printing that I did rubbings with Neocolor and Gelato pastels.

I have two of these pieces.  Similar but different!

This was a canvas type fabric that was stamped with textile paint, then brushed with the brown dye.

I am keeping this piece as is.  It's a rubbing using gold and purple Neocolor 1 pastels on white fabric.  I think it would be perfect for a whole cloth piece but with hand stitching.  We'll see!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Creating Background Fabric - Day 1

Sometimes you just have to play with your paints, stamps and fabric!  So that's what I did!  I showed the results of using the iron to transfer rubbings in my last post.  This time I decided to do the old fashioned way of stamping and rubbings!


Above picture is a stamp I carved several years ago along with a negative of the same stamp I made using the foam (green stamp - you heat it and stamp with your stamp!).

Another stamp I made...

I stamped two of these pieces, which are Pat Campbell's fossil fern yellow, with the stamp above.

Above is a stamp I carved this past winter with our little fiber group in Florida.

I ended up using the stamp above as well as using the smaller tree stamp in previous pics.

The stamp above is actually sticky foam I cut and put on a piece of cardboard.  It's been getting a lot of use and I'm not sure how much longer it will last but so far so good!

The stamps above are positive and negative stamps.  Again, I carved the bottom stamp and then did an imprint on to heated foam to create a negative stamp.

I used a canvas fabric for this stamping.  All the rest of the pieces are muslin (bleached) or JoAnn's white Egyptian fabric.

This is a roller type stamp...not even sure where I got it from!  But it worked out pretty good.

This is a piece of fabric that was screen printed using deconstructed screen printing technique...I think this was about the fourth or fifth pass.  Nothing exciting....

But after stamping using Neocolor 1 pastels, I am really happy with this piece.  I actually had two of these pieces I stamped.  Again, I used Neocolor 1 and an oil pastel crayon.

I did several other pieces that I didn't take photo's of...but my next post will show some of those as well as some from this post that I painted over with dye!  What fun!  I was inspired by Hilary B., who does wonderful work and shares so much!  I love her embroidery stitching she does with floral designs.  Just fantastic work.  Check her out!!

Monday, May 15, 2017


I was watching a video by Laura Kemshall on rubbings she made on freezer paper (I think she calls it "deli paper").  Laura uses oil pastel crayons and then transfers the rubbings onto paper (watercolor) using an iron.  On Sunday,  I thought I would try the method on both paper and fabric.  Why not, right!

First off I made rubbings (from one of my hand carved stamps) using 4 different crayons:  $1 oil pastels I've had forever, Fabric Crayons, Neocolor 1 crayon and Gelato pastels.  You are laying the shiny side down on your rubbing....and lay that shiny side face down onto your paper, then iron.

When I was ready to transfer, I laid a piece of fabric next to a small piece of watercolor paper and using the iron, pressed on top of both at the same time.

First up is the cheap oil pastels.....
The rubbing looks good.

Zip for transfer onto cloth...and  watercolor paper

Next, the Neocolor 1 crayon....
Rubbing, which is beautiful...I think!

Some transfer onto the paper (left) but nothing on fabric

Gelato pastels.....
Again, nice transfer

Transfer on fabric (left)  more than I thought it would

And Fabric Crayons, which was the most successful!  Go figure!

Both fabric and watercolor took the transfer

Now, if you are into doing paper journals, cards, etc. you can use the actual rubbing in your not all is wasted.  In my opinion...the idea is really a good one..especially if you are in an area that you know you want to make rubbings.  But I would use the fabric crayons to carry with me.

In all fairness, I didn't use my good oil pastels...just the cheap ones.  Sometime when I'm bored, I will try my Shiva oil pastels.  Perhaps, the quality of the better brands would work best...but I did have fun and a good diversion from cleaning, weeding (ugh, which I hate!) and working on my 'eyes' project!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Banner Quilt

Someone asked me about the banner quilt on my blog and since I don't have anything of interest to show today I thought I'd recap the process...seems to me I've done this before but it's always good to refresh my own memory.  It measures 14" x 18" and is mounted on to foam board.  This piece hangs in my living room so it was easy to look at what I did!  

This was actually a challenge piece I made in 2007 for our CCC fiber group. We had to make some type of art work using metal.   Metal in a quilt!  Well, I was game!  

For the fabric, I  used two pieces of shibori.  The brown is a silk shibori piece my daughter gave me and a bleach resist shibori piece for the border. The black bleach shibori was from a shibori exchange we did several, several, years ago.   The branches were reverse appliqued using black  commercial fabric.   After I  free motion quilted the piece,  the leaves were added by stitching with my machine.  I used an old needle, most likely 80 or 90.

For the metal leaves, I honestly don't remember which weight of metal foil I used. It was either Maid-o-Metal decorator foil (36 or 38 gauge) or the foil you can purchase from Michael's.  I traced a leaf onto the metal and cut the  leaves out with craft scissors.  It's so lightweight and easy to cut through and sew through.   I scored veins on each leaf  then added some black, green, brown paints on top, wiping the paint off before the leaf  totally dried.  Knowing me,  I would have just grabbed acrylic or even fabric paints..whatever I had on hand at the time. 

You can't see it very well in these pictures but I also made a freezer paper stencil of the leaf and using my Shiva Paint stick in black, colored under some of the leaves to give a shadow. I think on the larger picture you can see some of the shadow on the upper left leaf.   I like that you can bend the metal leaves which is fun for this piece.   

Fun to work with some new from time to time!  Yes, I get bored so I'm always up for trying something new!  I'm still working on the spring cleaning around here and getting close to the end.  I'll be putting some of it off (e.g. closets, drawers) so I can get working on my 'Eyes' quilt due the end of this month!  I started it in Florida but I'm a long way from the finish!  Mr. Blue is waiting for some work too but he's been waiting for a year so a few more weeks or months won't bother him!  Nor me!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Getting back to a schedule and to exercising!

My friends know that both Bob and I are very regimented!  And I would assume, those who read my blog aren't surprised by this either!  HA  So having a schedule is important to me or at least having some sort of a semi schedule at least!   I usually clean on weekends - a leftover from the years I worked.  The rest of the week I will clean/pickup, play, visit friends, work on my art work, Kalee's therapy dog job, etc.

I am finally finishing up my spring cleaning and may be getting the routines of my world back!
Exercise is/has also been a routine.  Which I finally started back on again this past Thursday.  And for those who want to know what I do...if you have no interest you can back out and go read someones interesting blog post today....I won't know that you left!  😁  Here goes!

I used to do the the 7 Minute Workout and thought it was great!  I could even 'plank' for at least a full minute!  I liked that I had it on my phone so I could basically do the exercises anywhere and any time.  When my wrists/hands started to get bad I had to eliminate some of the exercises but I still walked the dogs at least twice a day and would get in 1.5 miles - 3 miles, depending on the weather in addition to some 'easy' exercises!

When I visited my sister earlier this winter, she introduced me to a new type of exercise that I am totally hooked on!!!  It is the Walking at Home exercise by Leslie Sansone.   I love to walk so this form of cardio exercise is perfect for me.  You can check out her video(s) here.  I really get a workout and because Leslie has so many different YouTubes you don't get bored.  And I sure can work up a sweat and get the heart rate up!   With Leslie's workout can get you to obtain 15 minute miles!  Now that's pretty good!
I'm back into the grove of exercising daily!  I'm not up to the 3 mile mark yet but I do 2 miles for a few days then back to 1 mile days depending on what else I'm doing!   Like moving furniture and spring cleaning!
So far, I have only watched her YouTube channel but I am considering signing up for her monthly program.  You can see the details here.   I think I'll do the $4.99 month (you also get 1 month free with this) and if I like it, then I will sign up for the year.   I can download to my phone or Android tablet which will also be convenient.   So guess I'll stop writing this post so I can go sign up!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

RIP Brody

My son called last night with the news their 'boy' Brody had to be put to sleep.  So heart breaks for the family and even more so for my son.  Brody was his 'boy' and best friend.

 Darrin is so heart broken and so are we.

Brody was 178lb baby

And a handsome boy too

Kids and I took him for a ride!

And he liked sitting on grandma's lap

No caption necessary!

Brody loved his other grandma too!!  They were best buds

He was a good boy

Rest in can run with all the other dogs now!!