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Saturday, December 31, 2016

We're Here!

We arrived around 1:30 Thursday afternoon to 80 degree weather!  This is what the back of our SUV  looked like (and I even took out dog crates and some other bags! ).

I use the space saver bags for pants, shorts, bedding and towels.  The bags work great on the seat so the dog crates can sit higher and the girls can look out the windows!

Works for me!  And them!

Girls anticipating arrival to our winter home!! We were pulling into the community.  They aren't allowed to be loose in the car while we travel. 

I couldn't resist these next two pictures.  We were going through Tenn. and the sight was beautiful!

Today the weather was more to my  liking...around 68 at one point and sunny!  That's perfect for me!  Only problem, I took the girls for just one walk today and that was at the library in their parking lot!  I had lots of stops to make  and with it being cool out this a.m. the girls got to ride along.  I didn't get home until almost 2 and by the time I finished unpacking my sewing/art supplies; setting up printer; putting away more groceries, making dinner and doing laundry (mainly dog bedding..ha) I honestly didn't feel like walking in the dark! Tomorrow is another day.  Yep, I'll be back to two walks a day!

New Year's Eve Bob and I just may have an early dinner at the new cafe here in the community...we aren't sure but it's a thought.  We sleep through any New Year's celebration!

 Sunday is the annual New Year's get-together at LaPlantes!  They are such great host and hostess and we do look forward to seeing all the gang again.

Hope to be back at making some art soon!  In between, eating, drinking, 'tooting' around!


  1. Welcome back- it's sure not 80 today! You had the usual flurry of activity with unpacking and reversing your up-north prep to settle in. Happy New Year!

  2. We were in sunny Palm Springs over Christmas and it was very cold and rainy. Back home to cold and possible snow next week. May you have a Wonderful 2017. XO

  3. Happy new year! I sure hopt 2017 is better than 2016! LOL.

    We are babysitting a terrified basset who will be doped up on la la land drugs!


  4. The "girls" adorable...always steal the show!

  5. Glad you made it there safely. Enjoy that warmth and sunshine!