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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Hand stitching

It's still hot, hot, hot here in Michigan...more like Florida weather.  I'm a fall gal...and sure I've said this before on my blog and to my friends.  I just don't like the hot weather.  I enjoy sitting out on the deck and doing beading or hand stitching, while listening to the birds!  But I'm not even having my lunch outside, which is what I would normally do.
We are fortunate to have central air so I can get away from the heat.   And I'm getting time to stay inside and sew!  Yes, I'm working on multiple projects, as usual!

At night, I've been working on the hex hand stitching on the modern quilt - which I'm naming 'Beach Glass'.  The name was given to me by Gigi's former foster!  Guess the colors do look like Beach Glass,  doesn't it?!?

I'm changing the sizes of the hex's for the hand stitching throughout the blocks.

I'm happy with the hand stitching, although it is a bit time consuming.  But since this piece is for us, I don't have a target date to worry about.  It's always nice to have something to work on at night.  I still have a few more open spaces to fill in with smaller hex's then onto the other two blocks!

Today, my bud Carol and I are headed to Rochester for an Art Fair.  Carol said they should have 80 vendors so we'll see how that works out...the area where the fair takes place is always so heavy with traffic and people, I can't imagine how it will be for an art fair!  But weather is suppose to only be in the mid 80's!  We've had 90 degree weather several days......not good for this 'fall' gal!!  It will still be a nice outing and of course that always involves lunch and a glass of wine!  Can't beat that!


  1. I will repeat my previous comment……this piece is fabulous and the hand quilting elevates it to super fabulous!

  2. I agree with you I hate hot weather. Tired of being inside.
    Hoping for an early fall.

  3. The hand work is adding a lot- it's wonderful! Hope you enjoyed the craft fair. Those temps are one reason I avoid one of the big craft festivals here in October. It's a good one, but just too hot to plod around and enjoy everything.