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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fusing? Who me??

Well, yep...I'm going to be a 'fuser'!  At least, I'm going to attempt to do some art quilt fusing!  Melody Johnson is offering to give her knowledge and experience as a master fuser to we bloggers!  Well, who wouldn't jump at the chance to gain some knowledge from this master!  So of course, I signed up!  I I need another project at this time!!!

On Saturday I went through all my fabric stacks/containers to pull out as many different solids as I have (solids are Melody's suggestion).  This is the fabric  I gathered!

So next up Melody suggested we need light, medium, darks....well, as most of us quilters find, we don't have a lot of lights do we!  I've separated each color into lights, medium and darks the best I could!

Our lessons will start this coming Friday and she suggested 805 Wonder Under for fusing.  Of course all I had on hand was some Heat 'n Bond or Misty early Saturday, the 'girls' and I took off for Joann's!  It was only 64 degrees out, so with the sun roof open, I felt like I could leave the girls in the car while I purchased some webbing  Well, I had a 50% coupon so I bought a bolt!  I got 10 yards (@2.99 a yrd!) free!  Not a bad purchase!!!  I'll use it for sure so I'm happy and excited to get our first lesson!

Yea, I know...I don't really need something else to do but can't just sit and eat bon bons and watch the boob tube all day long!  Well, you can but who wants to!  Not me!


  1. Bad time for me, but I'd love to take that class! I'll have to settle for watching your progress.
    xx, Carol

  2. Melody's work is wonderful- I'm sure you'll gain a lot of useful knowledge while making something beautiful! Have fun. You have a good selection of lights to darks to start with.

  3. You DID get at deal on your fusible! I just LOVE solids. I hope you have fun playing with them. I'm like you (I sure don't need another project.), but I couldn't have passed up the chance to play with Melody either!

  4. Oh your are just so real...buying the entire bolt! Just what I would do with a coupon and a new technique to learn. I shall enjoy following your progress dear. Embracing Fusing Bliss...

  5. I onlybuy Wonder Under by the bolt! Best way to buy it. I have taken three classes from Melody and she is a great teacher. You will learn lots! I rarely if ever do any other kind of appliqe' any more. She has a very free and easy attitude toward dyeing and quilting in general. Have fun.