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Thursday, June 30, 2016

And let the quilting begin!

I stitched around the edge of the hexagon strips with invisible thread to secure them to the background then sandwiched my 'modern' piece  on Wednesday.   I used invisible thread and had some issues with the thread bunching up..come to find out it was my fault and not the machine...go figure!  I was using the edge foot and from time to time I would get the foot caught on the edge of the hex's!  After I figured out what was wrong it was quick to sew the hex's down!

So now I'm machine quilting the piece!  Woohoo!  Feels good to be back sewing or should I say making something.   The background was pressed and looked quite nice when sandwiched....but pushing and scrunching this piece under the machine sure makes the quilt look wrinkled!  I've stitched inside all the seams and now starting on the inside of the strips.

The only funky part of the quilting will be the quilting around the hex's.  I've traced out one of the squares on tracing paper and started to play around with possible quilting designs.  

My first thought was to echo around each hex piece but I don't think that will work.  On the tracing paper I drew 3 lines around the hex strips and that might work.  

There's a lot of quilting to keep me busy so I'll have time to think through  the quilting design for the hex blocks! 

Thursday is  Kris, our DIL's BD!  I didn't get to the kids earlier this week so I'll be headed down to spend time with Nick and Amber then we'll all go out to dinner to celebrate Kris' BD.  Should be a nice time sitting with everyone!!  Bob will stay home with the 'girls'!! 


The Inside Stori said...

The quilting only enhances and already clever and attractive design…..glad you are able to quilt without too much pain.

Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Stitching always smooths out all the wrinkles. Its looking great.

Nancy said...

Wow- you got right to it! Looking good, and the monofilament is a good choice for the hexagons.

Quilter Beth said...

The quilting is looking good. I'm anxious to see what quilting you decide to do in the hexie blocks. I'll bet they get in the way of the machine. (Ask me how I know.)