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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

One more milestone to go!

This past weekend was delightful!  It was Kayla's bridal shower, which ended up being held at the French Lick Winery!    Kayla's future MIL, Dinah on the left and Kayla's mom, Mary Jo on the right.

It was a girls weekend and we did make the most of it!    Bob's daughter came to the house around 9 on Friday morning,  then we headed out to pick up MaryJane (Bob's ex).  We arrived in Bedford, IN. Friday afternoon, checked into a hotel, then headed to Bob's son's house. Friday was time to visit with family, have some food and wine!  Then we headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep!
Saturday we woke up to windy, cold, cloudy weather!  Brrrrrrrr  The shower wasn't until 2 in the afternoon, but I did take myself for a walk!  I didn't have dogs or Bob with me so I walked myself!  I'm not used to sitting around and didn't bring any needle work with me!  DUH!

The winery was a perfect venue for the shower.  Food was great; we each participated in the wine tasting; conversation and of course the shower!   One of the gifts I gave Kayla was her wedding announcement encased in a glass ornament!   I cant take credit for the idea, as adorable as it is!  My BFF, Tommy, has shown this on her blog several times.
 It's easy to make and you can head to Tommy's blog to see the process here.  The other 'gift' was the Easy Button...again, Tommy's gift idea...not sure where she found this one...think Pinterest for both...

I ended up finding a really cute Bandi Belt for Kayla to use on her honeymoon or at home!  I also put in a gift card to Victoria Secret!  Isn't this cute!

Kayla received some really nice gifts...her other grandma and aunt got her two sharp dinner plate sets!  I'm pretty sure this is the pattern...I only got a pic of the box!

And a unique set of silverware!

We just had a fun really was a girls weekend!

The two grandma's with our girl!

Four weeks we'll be headed out for the wedding!  Whew!  Seems like it was just yesterday we were headed over to see Kayla when she was born!  And that was 25 years ago!  Time is flying by too quickly!!!


  1. Love the ornament, love the dishes too……such a nice story….wonderful when famiies can celebrate together!

  2. It looks like you all had fun. You were in my "stomping grounds." I live about a half hour from French Lick.

  3. What a great time you had, You always have such great ideas. I must remember the glass ball decoration idea. Although I can't imagine being invited to anymore weddings, but you never know.
    I have never heard of an easy button, I wonder if they are sold in Australia. Looking forward to reading about the wedding, it is such a special time.