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Friday, February 26, 2016

12" block process

Earlier this week I posted on the blocks I received from our 12" block exchange this year.  I love each of the pieces I received.  But, I did struggle making my five blocks.  First, because I thought we weren't doing the challenge...hence, I didn't meet the February 14th target date!  Where was I! Oh well...they are all finished...and here's my process! This is one I kept and the other four were the same layout using the same fabrics. Pics are at the end of this post.
Fortunately, I brought with me a yard of my hand dyed mono printed fabric I made a few years well as some cotton suede all in the same color!  So, I set off making a pattern up in patchwork, thinking I'll add a 1/4" strip of black in between. Talk about struggle...for some reason, I couldn't figure out my blocks!  What's up with that!  I finally had to shut off the TV, IPOD and dogs! so I could concentrate!  HA  Here are two pages of my patterns!  Yes, I made it more difficult than it needed to be...duh!

I decided to stamp the solid cotton suede with a stamp I had made awhile back.  The fabric at the top is the mono print.
So once all the pieces were finally cut to size!  and sewn together,  I started to hand stitch the mono printed designs.

Not sure why that picture looks purple!  But I kinda like it!

More hand stitching!

And more stitching.  I just couldn't come up with a design to free motion stitch...glad I stuck with hand work.

And here are the four I mailed to Tommy, Gayle, MaryAnn and Irene!  Hope they enjoyed them!

They look alike but each one is different...does that make sense!


  1. Fabulous…..and of course the hand stitching makes them even more wonderful!

  2. Love the hand stitching....makes it more "personal" and the binding you chose really adds to their personalities

  3. Love the color which is made more interesting with your stamping and hand stitching!

  4. great color and texture. Love the Handstitching.

  5. Love them and especially love the hand stitching...

  6. For not knowing the deadline and having it arrive all too did a stellar job of creating five beautiful blocks. The color is fabulous and your hand stitching is always the crowning glory. Anyone would be ever so grateful to receive your works of HeArt. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  7. Don't have mine yet but I'm sure I will love it!