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Monday, January 4, 2016

Florida - Day 5

Yep, day 5 already!  Time sure does fly!  But when you're busy it flies even faster!!  Saturday night we were invited to dinner with Howard and Karah at the community restaurant, Blanca's, which is one of our favorite places to eat.   And, yes, she makes a great margarita!  She knows I don't like them strong so they are perfect!  Just about as good as 99cent margarita night but a tad more expensive!

Our picture looks a little washed out..probably shouldn't even post it but what the heck.

 We had a great meal and drinks, but the highlight was the entertainment!  This is what retirees do on a Saturday night!

Who says "we" old folks can't have a good time!
We had a blast listening to the music, talking with everyone...Sally and Dan were there as well with some company from back 'home' that were spending the night.  Nice chatting with them too.
You never know day to day so you have to enjoy each day!!  And that we do.

The restaurant was packed and everyone was having such a good time.  Saturday night they have two folks singing and it just so happened there was a wedding reception being held too.

I actually cooked dinner on Sunday!  Roasted pork tenderloin, baked potato and asparagus with Balsamic syrup on top.  Yum...really a good dinner and nice to eat at home.  OK, so I'm ready to eat out again!  HA  Which we'll be doing on Thursday for sure...not sure about any other day but Bob can twist my arm easily.  Tuesday, I'm meeting up with Marcia for a day out and lunch.  It's her BD on Monday so we'll celebrate on Tuesday as well!

We had rain all day Sunday up until 6 p.m.  I took the dogs for a walk after dinner just because they've been cooped up all day.  Of course, they needed to have their feet bathed (again!) but at least they got to walk and stretch their legs.  Me too!!  Although, I did do 4 loads of laundry, some sewing, dinner, dishes and now it's time for mom to sit!  Whew!  My legs don't need any more stretching!

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  1. Living life to the fullest and enjoying good friends is priceless!