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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Patchwork #2 Finished

Finished!  Now on to Patchwork #3??!!  This piece measures 16" x 20" and will be part of the the Inspired By the Masters exhibit and my interpretation of Mary Ann Beckwith's work.  I just pinned this to foam board.  I still have to add a sleeve and label to this piece and a few others that are finished for the exhibit.

Patchwork #2

I love hand work so these 'patchwork' pieces are wonderful to work on.  I love to  machine quilt but also enjoy the slow, methodical process for hand stitching.

So perhaps it's time to think about Patchwork #3 or Hex Horse #3!!  After all I have lots of hexes left from multi projects!


  1. I’ve oooed and aahhed over this piece during the construction but have to say…..really….it’s a stunner….My favorite aspect is the hand stitching……so well thought out…..though all construction phases have been well chosen and executed…...

  2. I've always loved pieces done with a grid...this is a beautiful piece and wonderful quilting

  3. Robbie your pieces are beautiful and your time to detail stitch by hand is always the extra special touch. Sew very lovely dear.