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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throw Back Thursday - in Art Work!

This week we received back our art quilts that have been showing for the last 2 or 3 years.  We're working on a new collection for a February 2016 opening with all new artists (Dr. Seuss, Tiffany, Ugo, MaryAnn Beckwith, Rich Loudermilk, Peter Max and Blue Dog/George Rodrigue).

The quilt exhibit is based on our interpretation of any or all of the  master artists.  For this past exhibit we had: Hokusai, Hunderwasser, Mucha, Frankenthaler, Klimt, Beadersley and VanGogh).

Here are 3 of my pieces based on two of the artists.  Next week I'll show some more!  Good to document your art work (yes, I forgot what I had done!).

For all of these pieces I painted Tyvek Fabric that was quilted onto a 'quilted' background, then I burnt the edges or entire piece with a regular iron or a soldering iron. 

My Interpretation of Hokusai (based on his 'Wave")

My Interpretation of Alphonse Mucha
I love the Art Nouveau era so I ended up making two quilts for this artist! 
For this piece I used a soldering iron to burn around the painted Tyvek image.

For this piece and the "wave" I just used an iron and pressed up and down on the Tyvek to burn away sections.  Scary but fun to do!

If you haven't played with Tyvek yet, you really need to try it!  When you receive mail that  is in the white Post Office envelope(s), save them!  You can cut them open and paint over the letters on the front or paint on the back of the envelope.  You can also purchase Tyvek fabric (last I bought some was from Joggles).  


Quilter Beth said...

Wow Robbie, these are gorgeous! I've not played much with Tyvek. I've certainly not burned it AFTER I've stitched it to something already quilted. I'm assuming you cover the piece or your iron with something non-stick before touching the iron to it to burn/melt it? Might we see a tutorial forthcoming?

The Inside Stori said...

You are spot on for all three pieces…….fabulous as always!

Createology said...

That was a very long time to be without your amazing art works. Your pieces are stunning and imaginative and beautiful. I love them all. So thankful they returned safely back home to you. WOW!!!