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Monday, April 6, 2015

Time to get busy!??!

Maybe "busy" isn't the right word because I'm always busy!  But it is time for me to start getting busy on more art!!  Enough of this eating and socializing...well, maybe I can still do those and do my art!!

I'm almost there with finishing up hexes to create the background on my 2nd horse piece!  I need to make the background hexes at least 18" x 22".  
I would like to have the hexes pieced before we head home as I'm not sure how well my placement will actually stay in place with traveling!  I do have some rearranging to do but basically it will look similar to this...with dark on bottom and lighter on top.  Go figure!

We had a great day yesterday sharing Easter dinner with LaPlante's as host and hostess...joined with the sock lady, Susan & her hubby Harvey.

Susan brought some outstanding rolls from Panera Bread!  They were called Sprouted Whole Grain rolls and everyone gobbled (oh, wait...that's a Thanksgiving term!) them up!

The table was set perfectly with favors at each setting...candy of course along with chocolate covered pretzels!  YUM!!!

Also attending the dinner were Verna (our resident baker!)  and hubby Ron...he's the fellow who waves in all the pictures I take at outings!   Verna also made a great scalloped potato dish that was SO good!  She found the recipe in the daily newspaper!  Guess I need to start reading the paper and yes, the comics, John!  I just ate one of these carrot cupcakes and it was delicious!

 I didn't get any pics of us because I was too busy shoving food in my mouth!!  But the table and food were wonderful (as usual).  Marilyn made a unique pork dish with a cherry glaze that was outstanding along with, the now famous, carrot casserole, asparagus and a 3 Berry pie which was awesome!  That's why I didn't eat a cupcake last night!  I had pie!!

Three of us decided instead of a selfie we'd do a 'hand selfie'...ok, maybe that wasn't such a good idea either!

All in all it was a delightful day with wonderful friends and food!!!!  What's better than that!


  1. Sounds like an awesome day and I LOVED the creativity of the hands selfie!

  2. That food sounds absolutely yummy! And I love the way your horse quilt is shaping up.

  3. Fun with Friends and Food is always a Blessing. Your Hexie Horse is looking like it is reaching the finish line. Creative Bliss Dear...

  4. You had a most colorful Easter! Good luck getting your project done before you have to head north. it's looking wonderful!