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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fun evenings!!

First, I have to introduce you to a couple we met this year and who have bought a house here in OP to be snow birds!
This is Sally and Dan and just another fun couple we've been fortunate to meet.  They have both recently retired and hit the ground running this winter in Florida in Ocala!  Sally loves the pool so she's been enjoying the great weather sunning and swimming.  Dan is a golfer...need I say more!  Yes, Dan is  Bob's new "Bomance"!

Last night we had a great dinner with Sally and Dan at Harry's on the Square...and yes, we had our favorite Banana's Foster!!  We laughed a lot and learned some more about each other.  Just a fun, fun evening and, because they'll be heading back north in a week, we're already looking forward to next winter so we can spend more time with them.

As much fun as last night was, I also have to tell you about Monday night at Howard and Karah's!

Howard is another golfer bud of Bob's and we've known them for several years...they live full time here at OP but are also a fun, down to earth couple who we enjoy time with (oh, and they also like the 99cent margarita night with us!).  Although, they order a special beer from Mexico vs the 99 cent margaritas...but I digress again!!!

 Howard and some other folks from OP sing and pick each month at Pickin by the Pool....I've posted several blogs and video's of Howard on my blog.  Well, he invited Dan, Sally, Bob and I over Monday night.  You see Dan also sings and plays guitar so it was a match made in heaven!  OK, maybe not that much of a match but wow!  These two together were great as well as listening to them sing and play individually!  So, for your viewing pleasure, check out these songs by our Fab Twosome!!  What a fun night!!!  And so much talent!!!!

I've put these two on YouTube....geezz...taken me forever to upload the first one to blogger!
Now the solo's!!

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