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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tioga Fine Art Fair 2015

I forgot to post pics from the Tioga Fine Art Fair last weekend!!!  It was a beautiful day to walk about and visit with all the vendors.  So much art work...I did miss some of the vendors who have been there in the past but nice to see some new art as well. Of course I got to see Regina Roper's work, which is always amazing.  I wanted to spend more time in her booth but my buds were waiting patiently (thanks, ladies!).

This was a sand castle someone was working on...I didn't see a name so I apologize to the artist!  Nicely done!!! of my favorite artists, Loretta Youngman,  was there and guess who bought a piece of her artwork!!!  YEP!!!  I love it...the piece is painted with watercolor and acrylics on wood, which is then mounted onto a wood frame.   It measures 11"x36" and is outstanding.  It might be hard to see the texture in this piece but trust me it is amazing.  

 The colors are perfect for back home...although, I have the piece hung at the house here in Florida and it looks pretty good up on the wall!!!   But it is coming home with me!

I'm still trying to figure out the cactus for my beaded bird...more on that in another post!  Until then it's eating out some more!!!  Last night we went with Sally and Dan (golfing buddy of Bob's) and had a great time at El Toreo's...well, it was 99 cent margarita night!  Tonight is BoneFish Grill with the 'gang'.  And no I don't eat lunch the days we're going out to dinner!   Kalee and I already walked 1.5 miles this a.m. so maybe I could have some lunch!???


Nancy said...

And the fun continues! Isn't it amazing how many fascinating things there are to do around here? I've yet to make it to the Tioga event. I saw there was an arts and crafts event down on Marketplace behind Dick's over the weekend, too. They were setting it up when our bus from the Sew Expo pulled in Friday night. That art piece is vibrant and beautiful with texture. Kalee doing better?

Createology said...

Wow that orange art is powerful and the texture and colors are amazing. Kalee must be feeling better to walk with you so far. I love how you enjoy life!!!

Quilter Beth said...

I LOVE your new art piece! Those are MY colors. I am SO into oranges and reds. It would look great in my house too--my livingroom has a red wall, my kitchen has orange accents, and my dining room is a rich yellow. That piece is really yummy!