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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Four weeks already!

Yep, we are into our 4th week in Florida!  Seems like we just left Michigan yet it seems like we've been here and never left last spring!  Such a strange feeling.
There was a mix up receiving a BD present from my friend, Carol T., back in Michigan but I finally received it yesterday!!

 I didn't realize I cut off the last two letters of my name!!  But this was the envelope Carol did.  I'll save this!

And check out the earrings Carol sent me!  I love them!!!  They are perfect with the gold and green, which I wear often!!

These were made by Gale White from The Bantering Bird Etsy shop!  Thanks, Carol!!!!

So, I've been working on both my Valentine fiber cards as well as my structure piece, that is due January 31st.

The picture above is my stack of fiber cards in their 1st stop!  They aren't as detailed as I usually do...more simplistic but I hope folks will still enjoy receiving them for Valentine's Day!

And this is part of my structure's requiring lots of hand work so....I only have 3 1/2 days left so I best get busy!

 Bob is getting over his cold and guess what!  I think I'm getting it...slight sore throat, sinus not to think about it...yea, that's it!  I did take Kalee on a 1.33 mile walk...good for both of us but now I feel like I want to just sleep!  I won't do that...otherwise I won't sleep at night...I'm drinking lots of water, taking Advil and I'll take some Zrytec tonight.  Let's hope tomorrow I'm not worse...just the same as today would be a good thing!  HA


  1. Oh I like that stitching on your Structure piece! Four weeks already?? What's the deal with time anyway... it's just warp speed. Sorry you're getting the cold. I had one at Christmas and this old-time remedy helped: 1 cup hot water with 1 T. lemon juice, 1 T. apple cider vinegar (organic with the "mother"), 1 T. honey. Try it at night. Feel better.

  2. My the time is going so quickly. Healing energy to avoid being sick. Beautiful earrings. Love seeing your fabric forays. Happy Hand Stitching Dear...

  3. Time is sure flying by. Hope you don't get too sick and it doesn't last long. We are having one illness after another around here. The weather hasn't really been that bad, but I need SUN!!
    xx, Carol