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Friday, September 5, 2014


Before I could fuse down my cut out horse background, I had to remove all the papers from the
hex horse fabric!

I've kept the papers in place until I was ready to 'merge' the two pieces!

This was good TV work!!!  I use a wide piece of masking tape to hold my threads...that's the beige blob/piece is on the left!

Most of the papers have been removed at this point.

All the papers are gone!!  Next I pressed the piece really well.

Really, this part wasn't that hard...the fusing of the cut out horse....although, I've been known to fuse something to something it shouldn't be fused to!  Haven't we all at one time or another!

All fused down and no problem!

I already had fusible web on the entire back of the cut out horse,  which allowed me to fuse some interfacing so I could stitch around the horse using a button hole stitch.

I know this picture doesn't look that different from the one above, but this one is stitched around the edges...honest!!

You can see the stitches here.

Its turning out, so far, to what I had in mind.  I'll add some pencil or paint to give more definition to the horses shoulder/legs and of course he'll need some beads for his mane and tail!  And an eye!   Right!


  1. I actually don't know what to say. This is so cool! I can't wait to see him with beads.

  2. I continue to be blown away by this piece....and love the idea of masking tape to catch threads.....

  3. Wow- holding your breath every step of the way. This looks great and was worth the effort, though I know more will be going into this piece. Isn't hex work scary looking from the back after the papers go away?

  4. I wondered why you cut the background away. Now I see, the horse is under the fabric. Very lovely!!

  5. This is turning out great but I'd expect no less from you! The beads will really set it off well. Good work Robbie!!

  6. Robbie your description of Hexie Horse and how is it coming together really sounds like you have everything under complete control. The result is looking amazing. Now with you putting the finishing details on Hexie Horse will truly come to life. Creative Bliss Indeed Dear...

  7. Ohhhhh, I just couldn't figure out why you had cut the background until Ineke's comment above. I couldn't tell the horse was BEHIND the background (reverse applique) and THEN the buttonhole stitching was done. Makes perfect sense now. Love it--such an interesting way to use hexagons.