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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Size does matter!

Yes, size does matter to me!  Especially when it comes to the size of my wine glass and quilt blocks!  I had finished sewing the binding on the challenge 12" blocks and because size matters....I just happen to remeasure and guess what!  Each block was 12 1/4"!!!  WHAT!!!!
I was having a heck of a time on Sunday cutting the blocks to size.  This was all due to my rotary cutters...and that is plural.  I tried several that I had as well as taking apart my cutters with the zig zag blades and none of them would cut.  The edges on the blocks were a mess.  I finally reached a point and just stopped cutting.  My first mistake.  The 2nd was not measuring them again before I sewed the bindings on!  Here are three of the blocks (the back of them!) with their binding on.  I can't show the fronts until they are mailed out.

And here the buggers are with the bindings being removed!  UGH! This took quite a bit of time because I had to remove the stitching on the block in addition to the stitches for binding.

Yes, this was a waste of time but I just couldn't mail them out with being the wrong size.  UGH (again!)...oh well.

I did get all the bindings sew back on (after I measured the block correctly and cut it correctly!).  And I even finished sewing the binding back on one of the blocks.  So two more to go!  Woo Hoo!

Tomorrow I pick up kids from school.  I didn't see them last week so I'm looking forward to spending some time with them.  Thursday I'm going to Frankenmuth with my bud, Joan.  Should be a nice fall day! Friday is guild meeting and Saturday is Nick's football game!  Busy life but a good complaints.  Now to go check the size of my wine glass!!  Size does matter!!


The Inside Stori said...

...your statement......size of wine glass matters.....ohhhhh soooo true!!! LOL

Nancy said...

Blocks.. plural, you say. Awwwwk. Those mistakes are just flat out aggravating. The backs alone are quite interesting. Look forward to seeing the front sides.

Jeannette said...

Very colourful and great looking blocks even though they have been frustrating.

Createology said...

I can honestly say your perfection is admirable! I wouldn't have even thought to measure any blocks...given or received. Your work is stunning my friend. Creative Sizing Bliss...