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Friday, August 29, 2014

Embellish Magazine

I've posted about the online group I belong to, Art Quilts Around the World and our challenges.  Well, one of our members, Neroli Henderson, wrote an article on our blog group which has been published in Embellish Magazine!  How nice of Neroli to do this and how cool is it that our group and work has been published.  
Here are the pages from the magazine and guess what!  My little quilt, Carnival, is in the article!  

You'll have to click on the pictures to read the article.  It's very well written by Neroli...if I'm not mistaken, I believe she has written or is writing more articles for Embellish.  I think she did a great job explaining our group.  

Check out Neroli's page (on the Art Quilts Around the World blog) and her blog/web.  She has a great story on how she got started with art work and her work is outstanding!!

Embellish is a fiber/textle magazine which is published in Australia so I'm currently trying to find out where/how to purchase it here in the states.  One of our members suggested, worse case, to have someone from Australia purchase several copies and mail to one of us here in the states.  That's a great option in case we can't locate or have the magazines purchased here.  I'd prefer a hard copy vs digital so hopefully we'll find copies here.  I've emailed a distributor here in the states so waiting to hear from them.  
Another beautiful, cool, summer/fall day!!  Check out this tree I took a picture of while walking's at a house here in our neighborhood!!!  Fall is coming!!!!  OH NO!!!  I love fall but don't want winter to come...I'm not ready to head south!!!


  1. Tx's for the introduction to Embellish.....I wasn't familiar with beautiful as the tree is.....yuck!!!

  2. Wow! Color already? It was hot and muggy here today, although I have to say this summer has been most pleasant. Your new piece looks great too.

  3. Congratulations on the feature in Embellish magazine. Fall is quickly approaching. That tree is beautiful. All this technology in our world and no one can slow down the clock...hmmm. Bliss Dear...

  4. Congratulations on being in EMBELLISH. One of my BJP was included in a mag article so I know how exciting it is! OMGosh, if your trees are turning up there, mine are not far behind. I think the leaves will just wilt and fall this year. Can't believe it's near the end of summer.
    xx, Carol