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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Schools out and summer begins!

Grand kids are now out of school so today was grandma's first day of 'summer' with Amber and Nick.  We headed out around lunch time, as I wanted to check out the new quilt shop,  Kindred Spirits, downtown Oxford.  Each trip to see the kids I've been checking out the store front to see when they would open and last week Amber and I noticed they were finally open.

 Actually, their grand opening will be later this summer on Saturday, July 19th at the park right downtown (only a block from their store) from 11-4.   Have to put that date on my calendar.  I couldn't locate a web page for them but they do have a FaceBook page here.  I believe their hours are 10 - 4 but you can always call to confirm hours.

Yes, Nick was quite thrilled to go fabric shopping with grandma!!!  But I had both kids busy helping me pick out some black and white fabric  to use for binding(s).   Love my black and white binding!

Also,I was lucky enough to be shown a true black fabric by Maywood fabric.  It's called Black Magic Double Dyed Black Cotton!! I bought a full yard...wanting to try bleaching a always get a rust or orange but I have found some fabric (years ago) that bleached white!  Will love to see if this fabric bleaches white or how it bleaches.  Even if it doesn't the black will get used as it's quite nice!!

This is the cutting area/cashier area...the store is very well lite...nice and bright, which I like....

This is just one of the areas for fabric.  Quite a nice variety....theme fabrics, batiks, etc.  They also have this great seating area below, along with some books and a wall with notions.

Of course, after my 'shopping' I had to take the kids to shops they wanted to go to...which were all on the same block!  First stop for Amber was The Boulevard Boutique, which is a resale shop and really cool!!!  Goodness...I was shocked at the amount of inventory they had and high quality clothing, jewelry, can check out their web site here.
Next was a snow board/skate board shop for Nick to window shop!  Now I know how he felt at the quilt shop...totally out of my element!
There are so many nice shops downtown Oxford....Victoria's (actually called Victorias Delight) is a really nice restaurant (across the street from the quilt shop)...and then you can always stop for dessert at the Sweet & Savory Bake shop!!!  It's next to the quilt shop!!! My goodness...a gal could spend the entire day downtown.  I might have to suggest spending some time in Oxford with my friends, perhaps even in lieu of our fiber meeting or in addition to!!!  Now there's a good idea!
Kids and I also stopped at the library on the way home so we did get some 'education' in for our day!  So the summer begins!!!  Tomorrow is spa day for Kalee and Dr. appt. for Bob...week's almost over!! Yikes!.

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The Inside Stori said...

Looks like a well stocked and well lighted shop....and getting a black black fabric is such a positive.... A good black can be difficult to find.....

Have fun grandma!!