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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Just another weekend

A beautiful, sunny Saturday...I made us breakfast, did dishes, weeded the front and sides of the house, dusted and vacuumed and now doing it's now computer time.

Nothing exciting this weekend...lots of projects in the old brain but need to get them down on paper or fabric. I started this Tiffany piece for our Master's exhibit last fall using my  bud's, Susan, hand reverse applique technique.  Honestly, I'm not happy with the workmanship on this one....I started outlining all of the black and now I need to do some free motion quilting to finish it up.  Just not sure if it will get finished.

I am pretty good at finishing projects I start, even when I take a class/workshop.  I only have a few pieces I've not finished...but this one is bugging we'll see where it goes or what I end up doing with it.

I do have lots of hand work projects to do but I like to save those for night time TV work.  Tigers are on so that's what's usually on at our house.....well, dryer calls!!

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  1. I love your tiffany peacock but then I'm rather partial to peacocks anyway.