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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Johnnie's Daughter!

Inside of their bathroom!
OK, Johnnie's Daughter isn't a friend...well, not in the sense of a BFF type's a great little shop in our small village of Goodrich that sells home decorating items!  This past Friday, Alice and I met for lunch and then off to spend some time at Johnnie's!!  I don't see that they have a web site but for those on FB or if you want to check out their FB page you can do so using this link.
I just love this little store!!  So many unique items they have found and/or refinished.  They also carry items from an artist I'm mad about, the Re-Zip It lady!!!  Here are my finds!
Our new bird bath!!  Fits right on our deck pedestal.

This is a wooden candelabra I bought!  

If you click on this pic you'll see the walls in the bathroom are covered with pages from a dictionary!!!  So cool!

I really wanted this!!!  But far!

And this is my necklace, made with zippers from the Re-Zip it lady!!  

If you live around Goodrich, or even if you're several miles away, it's worth the drive. I do recommend you call or check out their web page for their hours.  I believe they are closed on Monday's.
Phone(810) 358-6751
 We have four different restaurants in town so you can shop, have lunch and go back and shop some more!!  Alice and I were at the shop for over an hour!!!  There's just so much to see....I forgot to take pictures of Alice's 'finds' and look forward to hearing where she put them all!!!


  1. Sounds like a good reason to visit Michigan!!!

  2. I love little shops like that. The bird bath is really pretty!

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful article. Just happened to see it now. again thank, Michelle'
    aka "Johnnie's Daughter"