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Friday, June 6, 2014


Yes, I've been keeping busy....first off working on my leaf...I'm at the half way mark!  Yep!!!  I may finish by fall after all!

Also, I've been asked by Lynda, to join LuAnn, and Sue to be guest bloggers on And Then We Set it on Fire for their Sun Printing technique for the month of June.  I'll be showing several different techniques for using SolarFast the week of June 16th!  I did a post on using this product last August and this past week I've been sun printing like crazy!!!  What fun!!

So stop by And Then We Set It On Fire to see all the different ways to sun print!  There will be posts all of June and  I'm sure you'll pick up some new tips or products from each of the ladies, even if you've sun printed in the past!  

And another "honor" was attending Amber's academic honor ceremony this past Wed.  We're so proud of Amber (& her fellow classmates) for maintaining the honor roll this year (Amber has been on the honor roll her entire middle school years!).  It was quite impressive seeing these 8th graders and the recognition they received.  Who knew the had geometry and advanced algebra in 8th grade!!!   Spanish, periodic tables being studied!!  Yikes!  I don't think I would have graduated!  We didn't have those classes until high school!

And here's proud dad with his little girl!  I can't believe she'll be going into high school next year!!!!

Today I'm off to meet one of my buds for 'breakfast', then off to get the old bone scan, grocery shopping, make dinner, then a dog walk, then watch Tigers and bead!  Of course, there must be a glass of wine somewhere in that list!!!


Jan said...

Congratulations on your honors. Sun printing is fun! I haven't done it in a long time, maybe time to renew those skills. Your leaf is coming along beautifully! It is going to be very heavy, isn't it.

Nancy said...

Nice year-end achievement! The bead piece must be feeling quite hefty by now. I love the coolness and weight of the beaded elements.