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Friday, June 20, 2014


So what I have been doing all week!!!  I'm not sure!

This  is a picture of my next project...well, at least in my mind!!  I want to use this horse in my Ugo Nespolo piece.  Ugo is an Italian artist that was selected by one of our Aussome Study group members, LA.  He's one of the master's that we're creating an art quilt based on our interpretation.
My to use hand pieced hex's for his body...ok, I can see this in my mind!!!  Honest...not sure it will work out but heck...I'll give it a try!  I had this picture blown up to 16"x20"..

 I've finished another section and closing in on the next on my bead lea!  I know it might look the same to 'ya all' but it's getting there!!!  I have found that my foundation is getting a little 'weak'...I have to think of a different foundation for my next project...which I have in mind already!!

It's been nice enough this week to sit out on the deck and's so much easier to see in day light.  Even with my Ott light I still prefer natural light...but feel guilty just sitting outside during the day and, for the most part it's beading at night!

Tuesday I was with grand kids...making silly putty!!  Actually, they had more fun doing the 'making' of silly putty than playing with it....teens, you know!!  I'm sure the containers are still sitting in the frig and haven't been touched! But that's week we're going to do some crayon and canvas work!!  Nick's idea so I'll have to look this one up!!

Messy looking and kinda 'yucky'....but you just keep kneading the yuck and it does result in the picture below!

The recipe is really easy...just 1/2 cup of white glue mixed with 1/4 cup of liquid starch...add a few drops of food coloring and mix, mix, mix....Amber said they should have told us how long you have to mix this "stuff"!    At least it kept them busy for some of the afternoon!!

Today I attended the Genesee Star Quilters guild...I just enjoy these ladies so much!!  What a great group and it has sustained 30 years of membership!!!  We laughed a lot, had a great show & tell and had a nice lunch with four of my favorite ladies!  Actually, my blog bud, Mary Stori, did a workshop with this group years and years ago....I sent an email to Mary and asked if her ears were burning today!!  The ladies had great things to say about Mary...her work and her workshop!!  So if you have a chance to take a workshop or purchase one of Mary's it!!  I'm still trying to get her to do a workshop close to where we winter in Florida!

Tomorrow, my friend, Joan (the watercolor artist) and I are meeting in the a.m. to attend the Flint Art Fair!

The Art Fair is really a great show!  Not your crafty items by any means...I believe it's a juried art show and they always have unique artists.

A few years ago I was so impressed with one artist in particular.  Her name is Alina Eydel a mixed media artist who paints a picture in acrylic then glues glass beads, pearls, etc. on top of her painting!  Talk about wow!!  Her work is wonderful and if you head to her web site make sure to click on her work to see up close the beading she adds!!  I'm hoping she's there again this year.  We're also going to take the shuttle to the new Flint Farmer's Market...have lunch then head home to nap!

Should be a great weekend!!


MarveLes Art Studios said...

i enjoyed your post, and catching up with you robbie! good to know on silly putty, and was also a good reminder to get back to mary stori's blog! fun!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

i enjoyed your post, and catching up with you robbie! good to know on silly putty, and was also a good reminder to get back to mary stori's blog! fun!

The Inside Stori said...

You flatter me....thank you!!!!

The beaded leaf is looking great. Think National Nonwoven's felted wool as a stabilizer when working with so many beads....yes, it's thicker so you may have to cover the edge with a line of beads if using the leaf as an applique on another piece....but it's very stable.

Gayle from MI said...

Those are going to be some pretty small hexies on that horse! Sounds like a great idea though.