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Friday, April 11, 2014

No art work?? Well, one small project!

I feel like my blog has turned in a journal of being entertained rather than art work...but it is, after all, my blog so I can post what I want, right! I do have one small fiber card I made, which is further down in this post!  And I am working away on Ian's quilt!  Getting there!!  Now to my week so far...

Starting with Tuesday evening....Bob and I went to 'Pickin by the Pool'!  Our buddy, Howard, plays guitar along with some other folks here in the community.  Once a month, they get together and pick and sing by the 'pool'!  It was a fun evening but the wind finally got to Bob and we only stayed for a little over an hour.

If you enjoy old country/blue grass music, check out these videos!  Howard is a hoot and always has some great stories to tell as well as writing songs.  Howard is playing/singing on the left.

Wednesday night we went with Peg/Sammy & Marcia/Gary to LongHorn's for a great meal and loads of laughs.  Always nice being with fun people!  Marcia is doing the zip lining with me next week!!!  We're both quite excited...ok, actually, we're both a tad frightened but we're still going!

Last night was our 'weekly' get together with the gang (7 couples, including us) for dinner at the club house.  The food has been exceptional this year, as has the company!  I'm afraid I didn't get all pics of the group.
Here are Susan, Harvey, John and Marilyn
 And it was Mac's BD!  So after dinner, we all headed back to Jan and Mac's house for a wonderful carrot cake made by Verna!
The cake was delicious!  Yes, I had two pieces!!  But so did someone else...whose name I will not say....and it wasn't Bob.  Her name begins with a 'J' and she is married to someone named 'Larry' but I'll never tell what her name is!

Here are Jan (Mac's better half), Mac and our resident pastry chef!, Verna!  She makes the best cakes!!!

Mac attempting to blow out the candles!  I snapped this while he was in motion!  Hence, the blur!

Mac and Jan are from upper Michigan and Mac is a big UofM fan...hence, I made him this fiber card for his BD!

 And this is what I put on the address side!  Hope you can read it.

I think Mac liked it...also, check out the view from their enclosed lanai...I love this tree!!!  What a peaceful view!  I know where I'd be doing all my beading!  

We had a delightful tonight will be boring...HA...just Bob, the dog, the bird and I having dinner together!  Our norm will be Bob falling asleep in his chair after dinner, me taking Kalee for her walk, Grace screaming for a treat....but the best part is I get to grab the remote and watch my shows!  Always a method to my madness!!


  1. Don't stress about the zips. We did a very long zip line in alaska….7 zips, some very long. They said we'd enjoy the view from the tree tops…..NOT…I was just hanging on and worried about not crashing into the next station (high in the trees). But it really was fun and I would have easily done it again if they'd lowered the price. Just practice "the recliner position" !! S

  2. Are you should be one big party...enjoy while you can!!

  3. Well eat, drink, and be merry for next week you zip! Quilt retreat was fun and productive as always. Look forward to your report on the zip line.