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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

3 to go!

It's Wednesday and I finished up some last minute cleaning...packing is pretty much set as far as sewing and art supplies....and two suitcases are filled.  Mainly Bob's pants/shirts are left as well as a few of my outfits for the next few days.  So what else to do but GET CRACKING!!!!  And that we to Jan & Larry's on Monday afternoon for their annual crab and shrimp night!
Marilyn had this apron on, which was a hoot!!!

This is our welcome 'gal' - Miller's baby, Rosie!

Jan had her table decorated so cute!!

And our host, Larry...or should I say "server" 

Pat & Patricia before the crab started falling on our plates!

Check out Patricia's plate!!  Although, quite a bit was also on her lap...but I didn't take any pics!!

And this is our beautiful hostess, Jan....what a feast she puts on...we had 'bang bang shrimp along with crackers and white fish...we also referred to it as 'albino salmon' had to be there to appreciate this....and that was just the appetizers!  Of course, wine and margarita's were flowing as well.

This was my first plate....and yes I had more than one serving!!!

 And for dessert...key lime and lemon pies...YUM...delicious!!!

Of course we were all stuffed after this feast!!!  John, Ron and Jan

Bob and Patricia enjoying a laugh...

What a wonderful night....I did post pics on FB as you are missing seeing some folks here on my blog.
Last night Bob and I met up with Marcia (one of the ZIPPERS!) and her hubby, Gary for dinner at Harry's...yum...just a great meal and of course, banana foster for dessert!!!
 Tonight, we're meeting Peggy and Sammy for dinner at a local Italian restaurant called Pavarotti's...we haven't eaten there this year  so we're looking forward to a good meal...actually, looking forward to what they call KNOTS...baked pizza dough covered in butter and garlic!!!    You stink for days from the garlic but so well worth it!
Tomorrow is our last dinner with the 'gang' at the club house.  Sad to leave our friends but I'm ready to head home!  And ready to lose some weight!!!  And hopefully to have some home cooking of my own for a few weeks!  Did I really say that!!!!


  1. Your posts have made me so hungry......but I fear with all those extra calories, I'd have to be jogging behind the car all the way back to MI!

  2. All that seafood plus those too-pretty-to-eat pies, what a feast! Don't know how you pack so much in your days, but glad you had such a great (and healthy) winter here. Safe travels!

  3. Now this is a fabulous feast with friends. Glad you are enjoying good times with Florida Friends before you head back North. Safe Travels Dear...