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Sunday, March 2, 2014

It's Sunday?? Really???

I don't know where the week went!!!  Actually, I thought yesterday was Sunday and today was Saturday!!  Nevertheless, I am now on track...I know it's Sunday and I'll be leaving in an hour to head off with Peg to the new Michael's store here in town.  I'm sure there's something in the store with my name on it!
I have done some more stitching on my leaf...can't you see the progress??  NOT!  I sure can't...guess I need to look at the back pics on my posts...I know I've sewn a few more rows but at 2-3 beads at a time progress can be slow.  Yes, I've added 3 at times!  That's ok, I'm not doing anything else, right!  HA

Now to fill in the week...I can't remember...I know I/we've been running and busy...BUT I do know what I did yesterday!!  Marcia and her hubby asked me to go with them to the Retirement Home for Horses north of Ocala!  I jumped on it, since hubby was golfing and had no interest in canceling golf (can't blame him, that's why he comes to Florida in the winter).  So off we headed to the Mill Creek Farm.  What a great time I had!!!

We were greeted by the horses waiting to get their carrots!  That's your admission fee!!!  Two carrots...although, Gary brought two full, and I mean full, sacks of whole carrots!  I forgot in my purse I brought some sliced carrots, but now I'm glad I forgot to bring them out!   My little amount of carrots would not have even been enough for the donkey's (yes, they have those too on the farm!).  Anyway, the farm is open to visitors on Saturday's so you can feed the horses.
Just waiting!

108 horses currently on the property will live out their life!

Is this a hoot or what!  They sure know when visitors come what they'll bring!

It was such a great time and weather was perfect.  We walked the entire property of fence rows/paddocks for an hour and it was the best hour I've spent in a long time with animals.  Marcia and Gary were great inviting me and then to top it off we headed to the Blue Highway for lunch!  Yum!!!  I had salad and pizza...just so I could bring some home for Bob.  Actually, I still have some slices left over for another meal!  So good....thanks again Marcia and Gary for a great time!!!  Next time I'll remember my phone/camera...can you believe I left my phone at home!!  That's only the 2nd time I forgot my phone in years!!!!  Hmmmmmm  I took these pics above off the web site.  Which, you should check out and read about this wonderful retirement home Peter and Mary Gregory started back in 1983!   Thank goodness for folks like them!!


  1. Your beading, sightseeing, and restaurant trips....winter life in FL sounds soooo very appealing...

  2. I see progress on your beaded leaf!!! Beautiful!!! How very fun to feed carrots to those wonderful horses. Tomorrow is Monday dear...

  3. What a great field trip to see the horses. I'm not familiar with this organization, but Horse Protection Assn. of Florida is also near Micanopy. Your leaf is looking good- I'm not sure it's clear how mammoth those big brown "paper bag" size leaves are.. maybe put a thimble in your next progress photo to show relative size?