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Monday, January 20, 2014

My last BD celebration!

Well, I hope it's not my last, last BD celebration but at least for this year it is or was!

 Today, seven wonderful ladies took me out for lunch to Latinos Y Mas to celebrate my birthday!  How nice was that!!  And they even had me order a margarita!  Which, by the way, was very good!  Not made with the usual lemon/lime mix but a sweet, fruity mix.  Delicious!!!
I even had a candle to blow out in a Flan, along with singing from the wait staff!!  Very tasty!
Very nicely decorated too!!!
And more cards!!!  Not sure you can see the BD bag that has dogs on it...very cute and inside was a box of Milk Bones.  I had mentioned I didn't want any gifts and if they were so inclined, for them to buy items for me to take to the dog shelter instead.   Thanks, Jan F.!   I'll be headed over to the shelter later this week!!
Oh, the card on the far left  is a hoot!  I'll create a video on it and post tomorrow!  So funny...from Jan F. too!
And yes, that's a Starbucks gift card you see in the front of the cloud card, which is adorable.  Verna isn't very good at listening but then she must 'listen' somewhat because she knows how much I love my Starbucks coffee!  Thanks, Verna.
Of course, I do like me a glass of wine if I'm not having a margarita so the 'wine' card on the right is from Patricia, who will occasionally sip a glass of the grape!   Thanks, Patricia!

I really did have such a fun time at lunch and can't thank each of the lovely ladies enough....I keep saying it...I am so lucky!!!


  1. You are certainly celebrating in style my friend. Keep enjoying every day the entire year. Birthday Hugs Dear...

  2. Another fun time- have not tried Latino y Mas before. Will have to go there. Another field trip for you & your traveling companions, if you haven't been, is Cotillion Southern Cafe in Wildwood. I haven't been, but it looks wonderful and it was recommended to me.