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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Well, it's been a busy week...not so much with art work (more on that later in this post).  I did get some things accomplished...finished my cuff!  The pattern is Verdant Enchantment, a pattern by Sand Fibers/Carol Sharpe).   I love Carol's patterns and she has me hooked on the word charts!!!

I am very happy with how it turned out...although, I did remove about 10 rows from the beginning so the center was the 'X' pattern.  I like my cuffs tight and guess my wrist is small...and I just happen to have had a copper toggle!

I couldn't get a good picture of the cuff on my wrist so just pretend it's on a wrist!

I also played with another lesson, called 'pebbles' from this week's Watercolor Lettering class I'm taking online.  (If you're interested you can read about it here and see my first 'lettering I did'.)

So now to our week...and what a week it's been...started off with carpeting being delivered on Tues. for the living room...all was well and then when the carpet was unrolled...FLAWS...lots of FLAWS in the pattern...not good!  So...installers did their job and installed what they brought so we could at least get the LR back to semi normal (all the furniture was in the dining room).

They made a call to the carpet store to reorder...ok, that's fine..we can deal with that...but after a day and half of looking and walking on the carpet, Bob and I decided we didn't like it!!!  Well, now was the time to pick out something Thursday we headed off to the carpet store and re-ordered a whole different type of carpet.  Guess things happen for a reason, right!
Yes, it's a little inconvenient, but I think it turned out to be a good thing!  At least I hope we like the new carpet we ordered....oh yea, in between time our 65" TV in the LR broke...had repair man out...ordered  a part didn't work...had to reorder same part...finally got that installed on Wed. or Thursday..I honestly don't remember the day...and in between all that Bob bought another 65" TV for downstairs...he isn't happy with it...thinks it's not as clear as upstairs....SO, he is trying to determine if it's the TV, the cable wiring, the HDMI cable...yada, yada...personally, I think it looks ok...but I probably listen more to TV than watch it.  I'm usually doing beading or sewing or on the computer while shows are on.  I'm not a good judge of how a TV looks.

So that's been our's hoping this week is more productive!!!  Fiber meeting tomorrow with ladies, meeting another friend on Tues., Wed. is day with kids and who knows what else will keep me out of the sewing room the rest of the week!!!


  1. First of all your bracelet is gorgeous. I thought you might re-do some rows to get it just right and the copper clasp is perfect. Lettering looks like fun. As for carpet and TV woes...not for me. I get too frustrated with things like this. I am with you...I more listen to TV than watch it. I wouldn't know right from wrong but Mr. C certainly does and is extremely selective! Better week ahead dear...

  2. The cuff is beautiful, and the copper clasp is just the right accent with it. You've had more than your share of "things that don't work" for this month. Hope all heads in the right direction, and soon!

  3. Love the cuff. At first glance it almost looks wood-like.1