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Monday, August 5, 2013

Decisions, decisions...

Seems we always have decisions to make, doesn't it's no surprise my current projects are giving me some options...but then I do love options!
 I finished hand stitching the center of my sun and started on the 'rays' can see the top 3 rays are also stitched.  I wanted to do some stitching on the purple area and I still may but I'll match the thread...and of course, I'm thinking of adding some beads around the center of the sun.

Guess I'll just go ahead and stitch some bead spirals and see how it looks.  Time consuming but I don't mind!
I've made great progress on my beaded cuff.  In fact, too's a perfect fit right now but....I have to decide if I want the 'X' area to be the center of my cuff or if I want the 'diamond' area to be the center!

I'll have to remove some of the beads from the left side and finish the 'X' on the right side!  Hmmmmmmmm

I like my cuffs on the tight side so I could actually leave as is and just slide it to either pattern I want in the middle...DECISIONS, decisions....but that's what keeps us on our toes isn't it! Or is it just busy work!

I have to say it was interesting to read the comments from my readers on 'scrubbing the floor on hands and knees' post .  Must be our generation...I still remember my great aunt (who raised me for my younger years) getting on her hands and knees, in a dress, no less!, scrubbing the floors.  Just the way we were raised.  And I don't think it's a bad thing at all.  Hard work is good for us and I do love being Suzie Homemaker.  Yes, I still make breakfast for Bob every morning and if he's home for lunch, I will make a sandwich for him or just cut up an apple.  Of course, I make dinner every night, unless hubby takes me out.  Some of my friends tease me or think these acts aren't necessary but for me it works!  All in the way we were raised and the environment we were raised in.

Another cool, beautiful day!  At least for me...Bob had to wear slacks rather than shorts for golf today but it's perfect for dog walking!  Which I have to do shortly!


  1. For some reason, the first photo is not visible to me. I get so baffled by computer stuff sometimes! But the cuff is lovely.. neutral colors are so pleasing. I'm a hands and knees mopper in small places like the bathroom, but the kitchen gets treated with my favorite Rubbermaid Reveal mop- all in one, squirt the solution, mop, toss the mop pad in the washer. Dandy. I love the new Swiffer ads with older couple Morty and Marie- she climbs on a wobbly chair to get the dust up high as he cautions her and says there must be a better way. ha!

  2. I love the hand stitching on the sun. Adding beads will be very striking. Your cuff is beautiful. I don't think I could take out beads from either side...but then I am re-beading a gift bracelet for about the seventh time! It just has to be right!! Creative Happy Hearts Dear...