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Friday, July 5, 2013


 Check out Lynn's blog today!!!  I am so excited!!!  I won the online class, Create with TAP Transfer Artist Paper™ with Lesley Riley! How cool is that!!!  The class is offered by CraftArtEdu and you can click here to go to their web site and here is Lesley's class link

I have taken other online classes but I have to say I'm floored by the number of classes and selection CraftArtEdu has! 

I am really looking forward to learning some new techniques for using TAP.  I do love the product and I even have Lesley's book 'Create with Transfer Artist Paper' (yes, I forgot I had this!).   In fact, I might have to reorganize my books next!
Back in 2009, I made a quilt for the Breaking Traditions exhibit Lynn was curator of!  You can see my quilt here and I  used TAP to transfer the photo and dog prints!   Tomorrow I'm going to start the class...have to get all my supplies together first!  Can't wait...but it might interfere with my reorganizing!!!  Which I did some more of today.....Lynn is such a great motivator!!! 

Now this might not look that bad from a distance...this shelf sits on the wall above my sewing table.  I have books, magazines and papers that I keep on the shelf...ask me when was the last time I took a peak at what was on the shelf!  A long time ago!  Soooooooo
I weeded through and I'm giving away the first section on the left.  These are old (premier issue! on up to 2012) of the Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine (ok, I kept the premiere issue - no, I don't know why!!!).  Now this was/is a nice magazine but I just haven't looked at them in years (since the last one in 2012) and I know I'm not going to in the future.  I'm taking them to my fiber group - we meet on Monday - and someone else can read or purge!  The cardboard box area (next to the blue binder) was just full of stuff....or I should say junk papers...just a lot of nonsense...even small pieces of paper with ideas or materials that I haven't a clue as to what to do or what I was trying to make!  So pitch I did!!!  And I kept on pitching!!!  Now this next picture of the area after the tossing out might not look much different to you but it is to me!  I even labeled my file containers!!!  I love my label maker!!!!  

The first two plastic file folders are labeled 'surface design' and 'projects'.  OK, so I did keep some of the projects but these are from classes I've taken and I like to have them for a reference (just in case!).  The red and blue binders are ideas and quilting designs and the plastic file box next to the blue binder contains some of my FMQ'ing designs and as well as some from classes I've taken). The remainder are my journals that I document my projects.  
I am so happy to have this section cleaned up!!!  And I now know where my important 'idea, projects, designs' are all at!!!!  
Again, thanks to Lynn K. for taking us on this reorganizing journey with her!!!  Lynn has posted the 2nd in her series of six on "reclaiming your space" on her blog today.   In addition to being the talented artist that Lynn is...she's great at writing!!  I've always enjoyed reading anything she writes (blog, FB, QA articles) so make sure to check out her post today or grab a cup of 'joe' and read some of her back posts!  Either way, you'll enjoy the visit!  And you just might get motivated to do some reorganizing of your own!


  1. Oh too cool! Have fun and I'll be watching to see what you do with this class!

  2. Congrats! Anxious to hear what you do with the TAP techniques you'll be learning. AND...I actually thought your "before" organizing shelf looked pretty darn should see my's not even organized on a's piled sky more than one area!

  3. Thought that was you who won the class... have fun! Oh how I relate to "too many" of pretty much everything in the sewing room. Good to tidy up before jumping into a new project.