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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sun and Moon

I've blogged lately about my Tiffany sun and moon piece I was struggling with.  I wanted to use Susan's, tried and true!, reverse applique technique, but had huge struggles this time!  OK, I did struggle with 'Georgia' the first time too, but she ended up just great!

You can read about the last struggle I had with the 'sun and moon'  here!   So, yesterday, I removed all the stitching (again!) and then fused some black bias tape for the leading!  Woohoo!  Finally...I am happy with the piece!
I still have quite a bit of work to do on the bugger but I'm glad to have it at this point. I plan to do some Trapunto and of course I'm sure there will be beads in addition to the quilting.  The sun orange is quite a bit brighter than appears in the picture...but I will have to continue to keep it brigh compared to the background orange/green.
The piece will be put on hold for a day or two as I've got lots going on this week.  We're headed to the kids today to celebrate Amber's BD, a few days early, with the rest of the families.
Speaking of Amber, here's her Kumi bracelet all finished.  I added the clasps for her and will take it with me today.  She did a good job for her first bracelet!

We had lots of rain again yesterday and tonight!  Temps have dropped to the 60's and I even turned on the heat this a.m.!!!  I know...something must be wrong with me!  Warmer weather is headed our way this week.  After is almost August and it is Michigan!!


  1. Lovely Sun/Moon piece. Amber's kumihomo bracelet is wonderful. She is really learning excellent skills from you dear. Happy celebrating...

  2. You nailed it....and I'm not just saying that to make you feel good!!!!