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Monday, July 1, 2013

Gift Giving Time

I've finished Kris bracelet and hopefully it will fit her now.  I didn't finish off all the rows and closure when I tired it on her last Wed.  So hoping this will fit. 

And I also made a phone plug for another buddy of mine.  It's in the mail so she should have it later this week. 

I think she likes green(s) so I added a green bead I had along with some Swarovski crystals and a little angle to keep watch on her!! 

I'm making good progress on my own cuff bracelet.  I love this pattern by Carol, at Sand Fibers.  I definitely will order some more of her patterns.  The bracelet I made for Kris is also from Carol.  You have to check out her blog and go to her Etsy page and check out some of her patterns!

I'm sure the Tigers are on TV tonight so that's where I'll be as I bead my cuff!  I do have to put the sleeve on Zachary!  I just realized I haven't posted him in his new environment/home!!!  Maybe I'll just do some sewing tonight then beading!  Tigers games seem to go on forever, so I'm sure I'll be able to work on both!

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  1. Oh dear me I have missed so many blogs. Your beaded cuffs are gorgeous. Kumihomo bracelets really look like you girls are having lots of fun. Blissful Beading...