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Monday, July 8, 2013

From a Tapper to an Organizer!

Whew!  I'm pooped today!!  Did some weeding early this a.m., washed some windows outside, started laundry and then headed downstairs to my dye/wet room to purge/clean/organize!!  And that I did - 3 trash bags...Hefty would be proud of how much I stashed in those bags!!

I figure, if  Lynn K. can post pics of before and after of her studio/warehouse, I should show mine as well!!  So here goes!!!   This is the view as you come down the stairs into our finished basement...

The next picture is the view from my dye/wet room and Bob's work room....a nice view this way.  We look out into the family room...but not so nice if the doors are open to our area and you look into the work room from the family room or playing pool!

The view into our work room - fortunately we put doors into the room on both sides!
We have a walkout directly to the left of my table, hence, the sun shining in!  

And this is my work table!  Yes, I am/was able to work on it!  At least I thought it was ok to work on!!
My work table (before!)

After - Didn't know I had this much space!
Under the table all cleaned up

And labeled
I am big on using my label maker or my permanent pen!  But I didn't have labels on everything so out came the label maker!!   My daughter bought me the label maker for a BD gift several years ago....thanks, baby!!  Everyone should have a label maker!!!

 Bob put 3 cabinets in my area to store my dyes, stamps, paints, etc.( they are directly behind my work table against the wall).  It's nice that they can be closed so you don't see the mess inside...

Before dye/paint cabinet - not bad...not good!

After - Does look better doesn't it

last shelves for my paints

Here this is my stamp cabinet.  

The center cabinet before - ugh...
And after!!!

The bottom shelf looks messy but it's not...
And everything is labeled on top of the cabinet -  fiber dyes in a bin, fabric to dye (in a bin) my screens for printing and some other synthetic fabrics (in a bin!).  

Another before  cabinet - it's not bad - holds my collage materials

After - I tossed a lot in the garbage!
I am quite happy with my effort I want to go down and create something on my table!!!  I still have some books to go through and the very 1st cabinet holds empty containers and planters that I don't use anymore.  I'll get to those next week.   Just need a break!!  I take the kids to the 4-H fair on Wed. and I want to start on my stained glass piece!  I'm ready to do the 'cut'!!!  I just might start on it waiting for Bob to get home this afternoon.  I think it's getting close to margarita time!!!


  1. Hmmmmmm, are those puppy pads in photo #4? LOL? I recognize them because my daughter has them all over her house for the new puppy!

  2. Robbie Dear you really did a great job in such a short time. I am very impressed with your "after" photos. I shall make my goal to purge more stuff and have better use of space. Thank you for the push. Ready for creative energy...

  3. I'm impressed and inspired! I started moving storage units and tables around in my studio last night, but I still have to deal with piles on everything.

  4. You sure pack a lot in a day! This is very impressive. One question: how do you leave all this behind when you come to FL?? And how do you decide what comes with you? Isn't it amazing how our "stuff" proliferates? Always a challenge. You met it well.