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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4-H Fair Time 2013!

It is fair time again!!!  I told the kids today it was our 10th fair together but I just looked at the kid's books I keep and.....Amber's first 4-H fair w/grandma was July 24, 2002!  Nick's 1st fair w/grandma was July 27, 2005!  So it's really our 11th year of fair going!!!
I sure hope the kids had as much fun as I did!  It's great to see the kids happy and enjoying themselves!  Amber took her friend, Aly, and Nick brought his friend, Jacob.  All the kids were great and I enjoyed being with them all!!!
Just one of the many rides kids went on

This was a scary ride!  Jacob even went on it by himself!!  Brave kid!

Amber & Aly waiting on their 1st ride!

Nick & Jacob on their 1st ride

Aly on bumper cars

Amber driving!  Scary!  

Nick doing flips on bungee jump!

Jacob joining nick!

This little guy would hold the carrot with his paw!!!!  SO cute!

Jacob said 'ugh' when licked by the animals!

And to make a long story short...I know...not something I do....Amber and I switched shoes.  This is me wearing her blue tennis now I have the blister on my heel!!!

All in all it was a fun day and our 11th year with no rain!!!  It got really cloudy and a few (I mean just a few!) drops of rain but over with in 30 seconds!!  It's always been sunny and hot!!!  Hope the next 11 are the same!!!


  1. Summertime, 4-H, kids, and fairs.. a great combo. Did you do the "surface application" on those bumper cars? Reminded me of a hand-printed textile!

  2. Robbie Dear you are the very best Grandma on the planet!!! Great looking fun for all. We have several fairs going on right now...none of which we will attend. Mr. C is not up to it and we have no kids to enjoy it with. "Go Granny Go"...