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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More progress on Zachary and Kantha quilting

 I finished quilting the background on Zachery's home yesterday and today I've been playing with the placement...I took this picture with my phone so the yellow isn't showing up as bright as it should and the batik fabric for the hill looks very blah here too...but you get the to get my placement as I want, then I'll fuse down the trees and then stitch in place...still have to finish beading Zachary...this is just a paper Zachary!
And I also started on a Kantha quilting piece...I posted on starting this quilt top a few days ago...I haven't made too much progress on it but nice to have if/when I get bored beading poor Zachary!  This is a piece of fabric my daughter gave me a few years ago and I had some silk dupioni with me to add as well as some dyed tracing fabric.  Gotta use what you have, right!
 The next picture isn't the true color (above photo is more true)...

 So other than eating dinner out last night at Longhorn steak house...YUM...I had chicken & portabella mushroom which was delicious!  Tonight is another dinner out with Larry & Jan!!  I have to keep up my strength you know for all the sewing I have to do!  OK, it's the only excuse I can think of at this time!

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  1. I love your kantha stitching. How are you going to handle the edges? I've been wanting to more with kantha, but have only used it a little so far.