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Monday, May 14, 2012

Family time but no pics!

What a wonderful Mother's Day I had!  My daughter and grand daughter cooked a fantastic breakfast for all of us!  Talk about a meal!  I felt like we were at a restaurant having the breakfast buffet.  And guess who took her camera but forgot to take pictures!! What a nice morning it was with all the kids...AND check out what I got from them!

Is this cool or what!  I get to take a 3 hour glass blowing workshop!!  This is the same place we all went to a few weekends ago to watch them create beautiful glass.  I'm really excited about that!!! 

And I also got one of David Hilty's glass's an oil decanter.  Just beautiful!  I've already washed it and fill it with my EVOO!  Rachel Rey would be proud! 

Of course, I love the cards my kids always get's a contest between them to see who can make 'mum' cry reading their cards.  It actually was a tie this year! 

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family!  And life!  We do take for granted what we have but I'm thankful for our kids and their health and happiness! 

My son and DIL leave for a well deserved week vacation this Sat.  Darrin has been working seven days a week for months and I can see it in his eyes he is getting worn down.  I hope he gets to relax and enjoy time with his beautiful wife.   Auntie Dawn, Uncle Jeff and I will be handling 'babysitting' duty while kids are away.  Auntie has it all under control as far as who, what, when and where! I'll just be there for the weekend through Monday a.m. and back on my Wed. time slot.  Uncle Jeff and I will take kids to dinner for 35cent pasta that night!  I always enjoy time with Jeff as do the kids. 
So now I'm off to fiber meeting.  There are only three of us able to meet today so we're going to meet for early lunch.  You know I'm always up for food!

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