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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little of this...a little of that!

 I'm trying to get my pics in order to post but had to show the really clever necklace my friend Verna made!  She actually made one for each of us (8!) and handed out at dinner the other night.  It's made of yarn and beads at the closure.  I love it!!  THANKS, Verna.  She made them in shades of brown or multi colored.  Carol wore hers the other day when we ran some errands and it looked great with her coral top!!  Mine matched my shirt perfectly.  I have such clever and wonderful friends.
 I finished my geometric maze bracelet for myself the other day.  I added a toggle clasp because I couldn't find the right pewter closure.  The toggle looks good but sometimes they are hard to put on. 

Now I'm starting another bracelet for our friend, Jan.  It's black and white...actually the 'white' is called a Marine Blue Gold luster...but I like it better than the silver.  I used this same bead in my geometric bracelet.  The silver is just too...too...if you know what I mean.!
Today will be a bead day, catch up day and packing up day!  I'm headed back down to my sister's for another 24 hour visit!!!  I'm so excited to see her again and with only a two hour drive it's not bad at all.  Beats driving 6-7 hours one way to Pennsylvania from Michigan!  At least this way we get to see each other more often.  I'm really looking forward to having Kalee play with her cousin!!  That will give me a break at night!

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Createology said...

Your bracelet is beautiful. I completely agree about toggles being difficult to self-do. I like to use magnetic closures if they are strong enough to hold the bracelet. What a fun necklace to make and give. Blissful Inspirations...