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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tioga Winter Art Festival

Today Carol and I took off for our annual Tioga art festival. This is usually one of the highlights of my winter here in Florida. I love this art fair but...due to weather not being the best today (drizzle and overcast) there were hardly any visitors out and even the vendors seem to have gone home!
BUT...there were a few vendors that I haven't seen before and that I was totally impressed by!
The first is stained glass mosaics by Bonnie Morse! Check out this picture of a horse she just finished...but better than that check out her web site and the horse that appears on her home page!! Her mosaics have lighting behind them that makes her pieces come alive!!! Go to her 'contact' page and drag your mouse over the bear!! You'll be totally amazed!
I almost didn't want to put the picture up I took because of my photography inabilities! My picture doesn't do Bonnie's work justice!
In addition to being a most talented artist, Bonnie is also one of the nicest artists I've met! What a delightful lady! All this in one bundle!
So after seeing Bonnie's horse, I kept telling Carol, "I love that horse...I want that horse!" Carol dragged me to some other tents and the next talent we found was Susan Torgerson James! Susan creates silk scarves that were to die for!! Now I've done silk painting w/resist before and the process isn't as easy as it appears in the finished product. Susan's scarves were just a beautiful array of colors! Each silk scarf more beautiful than the last!

Susan doesn't have a web page (yet!) but you can contact her via email ( She does custom apparel as well and if you're in the Gainesville area, give her a shout!
Another vendor that we have seen each year is Small House Pottery. Carol purchased one of their cobbler bowls last year and this year she bought a beautiful deep dish pie pan. Their glazes are so unique as are their pieces. They'll actually be in South Haven Michigan in Sept. driving all the way from their home base in Texas!
So basically those were the only vendors that really impressed me this year. We did have a pleasant afternoon but not the usual walking about as normal. We decided next year we'll watch the weather better and then decide what day to go.
All in all it was a busy weekend...Susan and I did go to a quilt show in Belleview on Saturday and I'll post some of those pictures one of these days along with other pics I've been forgetting to post! Off to do some beading!

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  1. Those scarves must have been like a magnet drawing you into this booth. Gorgeous! Still have not been to this event... maybe next year.