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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Had I not been 'unbeading' yesterday you probably would have seen the wing or wings finished! I wasn't happy with the direction of my beads so I "unbeaded" them all!! Not sure how long I beaded or unbeaded but I did watch/listen to a movie on Netflix while I was beading! That gives you an idea of how long it took me.
Today, my friend and I are headed off to lunch, then to Michael's and our favorite grocery store, Publix. I hope to sit out in the lanai again and bead when we get back. It's really a perfect Florida day today with temps already in the 70's. How lucky we are!!


  1. I HATE unbeading!!
    But, what the heck. You are a perfectionist, so I guess its a necessary evil.

    You have a nice day planned to enjoy the 70's. Our high in northern Indiana will be 40 and a beautifully sunny day. (Waiting for the bomb to drop next weekend.)
    xx, Carol

  2. I feel your all too common pain.....but us A type's gotta get it right or it's not done!

    Sorry about the Lions.......

  3. I hate unbeading nearly as much as unquilting (did a bit of that last week!). Hopefully I'll get some beading done this week. I've got two entries nearly ready for submission to a jurored exhibition!

    Enjoy the warm weather! almost as warm as our summer is right now!



  4. Unbeading is a horror no matter how painless you try to make it. Sigh....

  5. It's still beautiful, even unfinished

  6. oh my gosh i love love love it. I've played around a little with butterflies, but haven't completed one yet. This is going to be GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see it done.

    Also...I just went to the store and bought some of the hoops last week. I haven't tried them, but thought I used them in cross stitching, why not bead embroidery. SO it was fun to see you using one.

    Oh can't wait to see this finished!!! And it is very believable that it is several hours of work. People who don't do it have no idea the hours it takes.